Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Change Your House’s Exterior Appearance

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers you a house and like most farming games you have to repair it during the game. One of the things that makes the game endlessly fun is the customization options, and luckily that includes the look of your house. You need to Completely upgrade your house Being able to change exterior colors and apply the new premium skins. How to change the look of your home.

How to change the look of your home

In fact, changing your outdoor decoration is easy. Follow these steps:

  • In your inventory, go to the Furniture menu.
  • Close the furniture panel (corresponding button in the lower left corner).
  • Select your house from the area.
  • Select Replace (the corresponding button will appear in the lower right corner).
  • Choose the replacement appearance of your choice.

Options for the exterior color of the house

Once you’ve fully upgraded your house, you’ll automatically gain access to five painting options:

GameSkinny screenshots

  • Green gabled house
  • Pink gabled house
  • Purple Gablefront House
  • Blue gabled house
  • Orange house with gable front

It costs no Star Coin to apply the replacement color, so you can change it whenever you like.

Access the premium shop menu for more options

The Festival of Friendship Update released on February 16, 2023 introduced the premium shop to the game. In the premium shop you can buy house skins that will completely change the external appearance of your house. How to access it.

  • Go to your menu.
  • Go to the store.
  • Check out all available premium items in the item shop.
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You can buy moonstone for premium items in the same menu or find 50 moonstones per day in a daily chest that spawns somewhere in your valley.

Premium house skins

Gameloft has so far included two premium house skins in the premium shop, the Palace and the Purple Cottage.

GameSkinny screenshots

The Palace cost 3,750 moonstones and the Purple Cottage cost 3,000 moonstones. It will be interesting to see what other premium house designs Gameloft surprises us with, we hope to see more price variations in the future.

That’s all we have to change the exterior look of your home. If you found this guide helpful, take a look at some of our others Disney Dreamlight Valley Leader.

Recommended screenshot from GameSkinny

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