Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete Festival of Friendship

charm‘s Mirabel is finally here Disney Dreamlight Valley. “A Feast of Friendship” is Mirabel’s last friendship quest, and it is lengthy. It can be confusing at times, to help you figure it out this guide is for you.

In order to access the quest “A Celebration of Friendship” you must achieve MirabelReach level 10 in the friendship of and complete the third part of the friendship questline entitled “Meddling Mirabel”. For this last quest you have to organize a party Mirabel and her friends.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Friendship Celebration Walkthrough

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Although the quest is quite lengthy and involves collecting items, speaking to several NPCs and waiting for 48 hours, most of the tasks are simple fetch quests and should be fairly easy to complete.

To start the quest, talk to Mirabelprompting you to find a madrigal table. This table can be found in four parts around the Dazzle Beach Area, two of which are on the ground while the other two must be dug up with a shovel or spade.

Once you find the parts, you should return them Mirabel and let them know that the table is broken. After talking to her friends Anna and Moana, you will be asked to prepare a meal consisting of the following donutsA Large seafood platterAnd chocolate chip cookies. These must be freshly crafted as you cannot use the ones already in your inventory.

Here are the ingredients you will need to prepare each dish:

  • Donuts:
    • 1x milk
    • 1x eggs
    • 1x wheat
    • 1x cheese
  • Large seafood platter:
  • chocolate chip cookies:
    • 1x cocoa beans
    • 1x wheat
    • 1x cane
    • 1x butter

Be careful using the auto-fill option when preparing the large seafood platter, as the game can choose rare ingredients.

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Once all the dishes are ready, you have to wait 48 hours ann, MoianaAnd Kristoff do their chores. You can take this time to complete some of the other quests such as get olaf or stitch.

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Once the wait is over, all you have to do is complete the remaining objectives. This includes bringing the repaired madrigal table and food to the party, taking a picture with the girls, and speaking to Mirabel.

Complete the Festival of Friendship objectives

  • Examine the torn cloth;
  • Talk to Mirabel.
  • Look for signs of the madrigal table on the beach.
  • You found a broken piece of the madrigal table.
    • Search for more parts (4).
  • Bring Mirabel the bad news about the madrigal table
  • Ask Mirabel’s friends for help.
    • Bring the broken table pieces to Anna.
    • Make sure you have all the pieces of a broken table in your inventory (4).
    • Talk to Moiana.
  • Cook Fresh Friendship Celebration Meals:
    • donuts
    • Large seafood platter
    • chocolate chip cookies
  • Wait for everyone to complete their tasks:
    • Anna, Elsa and Kristoff
    • Moiana
  • Make sure you have the meals in your inventory:
    • donuts
    • Large seafood platter
    • chocolate chip cookies
  • Bring the food to Anna.
  • Make sure you have the madrigal table in your inventory.
  • Talk to Mirabel.
  • Place the Friendship Table anywhere around Mini-Casita.
  • Put together a casual and cute outfit. (optional) (2).
  • Celebrate with Mirabel’s friends.
  • Talk to Mirabel.

That’s it! You have successfully completed “A Celebration of Friendship” in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The hardest part is really just trying to make a nice outfit, but now that you know how long it takes you have plenty of time to try out a few clothes. If you found this guide helpful, take a look at some of our others Disney Dreamlight Valley Leader.

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