Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete Fishy Business

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘S The Pride of the Valley update has brought Nala to the valley and new friendship quests for the lioness. Once you reach level 4 friendship with Nala, you will receive an interesting and magical quest: Fishy Business. Here’s everything you need to know to complete the Fish Deals quest.

How to make a fishy deal

First and foremost, get the friendship level 4 quest for Nala. You can get there by gifting their items and completing their previous level 2 questline.

Fishy Business requires Dazzle Beach (1,000 Dreamlight). For efficiency, we recommend asking Nala to hang out for the duration of the quest.

  • Once you reach level 4 and complete her level 2 quest, talk to Nala. She will tell you that she found something strange while patrolling Dazzle Beach and that she needs your help.

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  • Your first task is to find the half-buried lioness statue on Skull Rock near Dazzle Beach, wWe found it in front of the boat on the north end of the island.
  • Equip your royal shovel to unearth a jeweled statue of the lioness, then walk over it to pick it up.
  • Then a strange pink crack appears over the ocean water and you need to take a picture of it to show Nala by equipping your camera from your tools menu.
  • You need to take a photo by clicking the appropriate button in the lower left corner and then return to Nala.
  • Nala will tell you that it’s time to investigate the Frosted Heights and Glade of Trust next for more clues. You need to find 2 more lioness statues.

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  • In the Glade of Trust we found the statue in front of the pond, which is directly to the left of the Peaceful Meadow ramp.
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  • In the Frosted Heights we found the statue just in front of and to the right of the bridge that is in the biome.
  • Once you’ve found and collected both statues, return to Nala again.
  • She tells you that Goofy saw something strange while fishing and you need to talk to him next.
  • After talking to Goofy you must try to catch the strange fish that Goofy saw at Dazzle Beach. Return to the Skull Island mystical rift.

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  • A A red fishing spot will be visible near the crack, equip your rod and cast your line there.
  • You will catch a strange fish and next you have to talk to Nala about your discovery.
  • Nala will tell you that maybe Ursula can help, so next you have to bring the statues and fish to her.

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  • Find Ursula on your map and go to her. Then talk to her to give her the statues and Weird Fish.
  • Ursula will tell you that the fish is from the here and there where you went to get the orb of trust. She goes on to explain that the lioness statues were part of a magical enchantment and that she needs more time to investigate.
  • Talk to Nala to tell her what Urusla said. You have now completed Nala’s level 4 friendship quest, Fishy Business!

Well, that’s it for our guide on how to complete Fishy Business. If you found this article helpful, check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley Leader.

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