Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get 4 Free Neon Gamer Item Twitch Drops

Disney Dreamlight Valley has joined the ranks of games using Twitch Drops to reward their players. While watching eligible streams you can earn four exclusive Neon Gamers. The first campaign will last until April 12, 2023. How to get your free Neon Gamer Items Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Before you start watching streams, you need to make sure your Twitch account is linked with your Disney Dreamlight Valley Account. Once your account is linked, you can watch any of the 20 participating streamers:

Image via Disney

Once you’ve selected a stream, settle in to start earning your Neon Gamer items. You’ll need to watch streams for a total of 150 minutes to get all four items, but you don’t have to earn them all at once or through the same channel. However, you only have until April 12 to earn them.

Here’s how much you need to consider for each piece of gear:

  • Gamer Mickey Ears Headband: 15 minutes
  • Gamer chair: 30 minutes (total 45 minutes)
  • Gamer Laptop: 45 minutes (total 90 minutes)
  • Comfortable Gamer Hoodie: 60 minutes (total 150 minutes)

If you want to check your earnings progress, go to Twitch Drops inventory page. Your watch time is listed under the item you are currently working on. This is also where you want to go to claim your items. Once you’ve claimed them on Twitch, you’ll find your in-game items in your Mailbox.

How to claim your free Neon Gamer Twitch Drops items. For more help see our Disney Dreamlight Valley game instructions.

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Featured image via Disney

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