Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Nala

If you’re like us, you’ve been looking forward to this Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Pride of the Valley update and can’t wait to bring Nala to your Valley. There are a few steps you need to take to officially welcome the lioness. Here’s everything you need to know about the Eyes in the Dark quest and how to unlock Nala.

How to unlock eyes in Dark Quest

To unlock the quest “Nala’s Eyes in the Dark” you must:

  • Go to the Dreamlight Castle.
  • Go to the second banister to access the door to the Lion Kings’ domain.
  • Pay 10,000 Dreamlight to enter the realm of the lion kings.

How to complete the quest “Eyes in the Dark”.

  • Talk to Nala.
  • She will tell you that a pack of hyenas has been chasing her and she needs your help.
  • Block the way so the hyenas can’t follow her.

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  • Dig up 5 Dried Thorn Bushes with your Royal Shovel to get Thorn Bush Seeds.
  • Plant the seeds in the holes near the ledge in the Parched Oasis.
  • Water them with your royal watering can.
  • Talk to Nala before you head out deeper into the jungle to find Simba.
  • Equip your Royal Shovel and remove the giant dried stump blocking your way into the jungle.
  • Go through the tunnel and then talk to Nala near the river.
  • She will tell you to say Hakuna Matata when Simba shows his teeth at you.

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  • You need to Find a way to lower the big tree trunk left of the waterfall.
  • Equip your royal pickaxe.
  • Break the rocks under the log.
  • Cross the river by going over the log, then venture down the path and you’ll see Simba.
  • Talk to him and remember what Nala said: No problem!
  • Follow Simba to Nala and watch their conversation unfold.
  • Talk to Simba again.
  • The lion wants to collect a treat for Nala.
  • He asks you to fish some slimy bugs from the nearby river and collect some colorful bugs from the nearby dry oasis.
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  • Fishing holes will appear in the river, from which you can fish 3 slimy bugs.
  • Return to the Parched Oasis and equip your Royal Shovel.
  • Dig up 6 colorful bugs from the sparkling dig sites.
  • Return to Simba.
  • He wants to add more crunch to the food, so he asks you to dig up Red Bugs from the stumps in the area we rescued him from.
  • Once you dig up a log with bugs in them, they will scurry away.
  • Catch them by disrupting their path and picking them up.
  • You now have all the ingredients for Nala’s snack.
  • Return to the valley to gain access to a cooking station where you can cook three bow plates.
  • Return to the Lion King realm and bring the Beetle Plates to Nala. She will eat them and think she hears a herd of hyenas.
  • Trick the hyenas into believing there are plenty of lions to protect Simba and Nala.
  • Return to the valley and speak to Scrooge McDuck. He’ll give you an old sound system.
  • Repair the sound system at a crafting station with 10 softwood, 5 hardwood and 2 iron ingots.
  • Go back to the realm of the Lion Kings with your fixed sound system.
  • give it to nala This will successfully deter the hyenas and make Nala curious about the valley realm.

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  • Return to the Valley Realm.
  • Place Pride Rock wherever you like, but we think it’s best suited for the Sunlit Plateau biome.
  • To do this, however, you must pay Scrooge McDuck 15,000 Star Coins.

That’s how you get Nala in dream light valley. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other VAT Leader while you’re here, like How to unlock Simba.

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