Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Olaf

Olaf is the lovable snowman from the Frozen series, and thanks to the new Big Update 3: Celebration of Friendship In Disney Dreamlight Valley He is officially an unlockable character in the game. To access The Great Blizzard quest and meet Olaf, you need Elsa as a companion and The Frozen Heights biome.

How to get Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Opening Elsa’s frozen castle door costs 4,000 Dreamlight, and you need to complete the following questline to bring her to your valley. We recommend taking Elsa with you on the quest as a companion so you don’t have to hunt her down later.

How to reach the Frosted Heights

In order to reach The Frosted Heights, you must have previously unlocked The Forest of Valor for 3,000 Dreamlight.

You’ll find the entrance to The Frosted Heights in the back of The Forest of Valor and spend a whopping 10,000 Dreamlight to open the biome.

Once you have Elsa and the biome available, you can begin The Great Blizzard quest.

Walkthrough for the Blizzard Grand Quest

The Great Blizzard comes with a, you guessed it, Blizzard. You will see a cutscene of the blizzard sweeping through The Frosted Heights and be directed to Merlin for more information.

Merlin tells you that the blizzard is too extreme to be a natural occurrence and that there must be dark magic behind it – and that’s where you come in.

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Merlin will ask you to find the source of the blizzard, which happens to be a magic pillar missing its orb in The Frosted Heights. You must find a mysterious door attached to a mountainside to continue advancing.

We’ve marked the location of the mystery door below for your convenience:

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After finding the door, interact with it to open it and reveal a glowing entrance to step through. When you enter the secret chamber, you’ll immediately notice Olaf – but he’s not himself and he’s missing a nose, buttons and arms.

Olaf will inform you that Scary Squirrels stole his nose and buttons and that you need to get them back for him.

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Located near the entrance of The Frosted Heights, the Scary Squirrels are fairly easy to spot despite the snowy circumstances. You have to hunt down four squirrels in total to get his nose and buttons back. Once you have the pieces back, return them to Olaf in the Secret Chamber.

Olaf will tell you that he still needs his arms and that they were holding onto the magic orb, but as with all things The Forgetting, he can’t remember where he lost it. Since you are in a frozen biome made of water, Olaf advises you to talk to Elsa, who knows how to get memories from the water.

Elsa will tell you that you can use your royal watering can to access the memories of water, and the first place you will do this is on the pillar near the biome’s entrance. You use your watering can on the sparkling water particles you see at the base of the pillar and a frozen memorial statue will emerge.

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You will then return to Elsa and tell her what you saw and she will tell you to reveal more memories of sparkling water particles that are in the secret chamber.

There are two more memories to find, one near the table in the front room of the chamber and one near the Dark Portal in the back of the chamber. After watching the memory sequences, talk to Olaf.

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Olaf will tell you to reach into the portal to get his arms and the orb – you need to find a book that will tell you how. There are several books scattered throughout the Secret Chamber, and below is a picture of the correct book, So You Want To Open A Dark Portal:

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How do I make a Dreamlight Prism?

Bring the book to Olaf and he will tell you that you need a Dreamlight Prism to repair the portal. The ingredients for making a Dreamlight Prism and where to find them are as follows:

  • 10 glass
    • A jar can be crafted from 5 pieces of sand found while digging at Dazzle Beach and 1 coal. You need a total of 50 sand and 10 coal ores. Glass is also found in the Wall-E realm.
  • 5 Purified Night Shard
    • The crafting recipe requires 1 Dream Shard and 5 Night Shards. When you’re low on Night Shards you can find them by digging in the valley, clearing out Night Thorns, or you can craft 3 out of 1 Onyx Gem.
  • 3 Shattered Prism
    • The pieces of the shattered prism are in the front room of the secret chamber.

After getting the ingredients, simply craft the Dreamlight Prism at your workbench, then return to The Secret Chamber. You place the Dreamlight Prism on the foremost pillar, which unlocks the Secret Chamber Gem Puzzle.

Secret Chamber Gem Puzzle Solution

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The gem puzzle requires you to find the right gems for the pillars leading to the Dark Portal entrance – you need one of each gem. The brightly colored pillars show you the gems they need as you interact with them: red (garnet), blue (aquamarine), and yellow (topaz).

There are three pillars that remain a mystery to be solved. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the gem puzzle, and it’s designed to keep you guessing. To save you some time, we’ve listed the gems you need and where to find them below:

  • amethyst
  • emerald
    • Forest of Valor and Glade of Faith
  • citrine
    • Sunlit Plateau and Glade of Confidence

If you’re mining for the quest, it’s good to know that mining nodes respawn every five minutes, giving you a new opportunity to find the gem you’re looking for.

Once you have all the gems, it’s time to place them. See the image below for correct placement:

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The correct gem placement by color is:

  • Red: garnet
  • Purple: amethyst
  • Gold: citrine
  • Blue: aquamarine
  • Yellow: topaz
  • Green: emerald

You will now be asked to interact with one of your deepest fears and whisper it into the portal. It doesn’t matter which fear you choose, you always get the same result.

After this action, a cutscene will occur where you bravely reach into the portal and get Olaf’s arms with the orb.

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Give your arms back to Olaf and he will hug you in thanks, activating the orb’s power. Finally, return the orb to the pillar near the entrance of The Frosted Heights.

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The hard part is now officially over and all you have to do is return to Olaf one last time to complete the quest and welcome him to the valley! After completing The Great Blizzard, you’ll also find a spooky squirrel companion in your wardrobe inventory. If you found this guide helpful, visit ours Disney Dreamlight Valley leads hub for more.

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