Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Simba

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Pride of the Valley update brought more Lion King Satisfy your path and you’ll want to take Simba to your valley. But first, there are a few steps you need to take to bring the lion to your village. Here’s everything you need to know about the Stars to Guide Us quest and officially welcome Simba to your realm.

How to unlock the stars to guide us quest

In order to unlock the Simba’s Stars to Guide Us quest, this is what you must do first Complete the quest “Eyes in the Dark”. and bring Nala to your valley. Once you do this, Simba’s quest line will start automatically.

How to complete the Stars to Guide Us quest.

  • Talk to Simba in the Pride Lands.
  • Simba will tell you that he is stressed about the responsibility of being king and misses his father’s guidance.
  • Follow Simba to Sky Overlook.
  • Talk to Simba, he will explain that he hasn’t seen the stars for a while because they are covered by clouds. He tells you he doesn’t want to come into the valley until he can see the stars again. Through the night sky he feels connected to the former Lion Kings.
  • You will learn that the clouds blocking the stars must be magical.
  • Return to your valley and speak to Merlin for advice.
  • Merlin gives you a walking stick to enchant.
  • You need to craft a magical enchantment 5 softwood, 5 fiber, And 2 Purified Nightshards.
  • Gather the materials, then craft Rafiki’s walking stick at a crafting station.
  • Return to the realm of the Lion Kings.
  • Bring the walking stick to Simba and talk to him, he will be in the same area you walked.

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  • Place the walking stick on the cairn just in front of Simba.
  • Talk to Simba again to start the cutscene.
  • The clouds will magically clear and Simba will see the stars again.
  • Return to the Parched Oasis with Simba.
  • Talk to Simba.
  • Simba will tell you that he wants to leave the area better than he found it, and you will help him.
  • They decide that the parched oasis needs foliage and that it will help any creatures Simba leaves behind.
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  • Collect 3 Jungle Fern Seeds, 3 Waterfall Plant Seeds, And Clean 3 tree seeds by digging up the sparkling plants in the jungle region.
  • Return to the Dry Oasis to give the seeds to Simba.
  • He will give them back to you and ask you to plant them around the dried up oasis.
  • Equip your Royal Shovel to dig holes and plant the seeds all over the parched oasis.
  • Once you’ve planted them all, talk to Simba.

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  • Simba will tell you that the plants need water to thrive, but the water source is blocked by boulders.
  • Use your royal pickaxe to free the water source from under the bones in the rocky area at the cave entrance.
  • Once you hit the rocks with your pickaxe, a cutscene will show the water returning to the oasis.
  • Talk to Simba, he will tell you that he is ready to check out your realm.
  • Return to your valley and Simba will be officially welcomed!

Well that’s it for our guide on how to get Simba to your valley. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley Pride of the Valley Guide.

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