Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Lower the Log Near the Waterfall

If you are in the middle of Nala’s Eyes in the Dark quest Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may be wondering how to lower the log near the waterfall. This step in particular in the Lion King questline is a bit confusing. This guide explains how to move it step by step so that you can complete this task quickly.

How to find the log near the waterfall

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While Nala is in the darkthe lioness will ask you to lower the big tree trunk near the waterfall, but she doesn’t explain exactly where it is or how to move it.

When you face the waterfall it might not be that obvious either so you can spend some time looking for it.

The relevant login can be found directly to the left of the waterfall and above. You’ll need to turn your camera up so you can see it sticking out of the rock face (pictured above).

Explained lowering the log near the waterfall

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Once you find the log, you can follow the steps to lower it. But again, Nala won’t tell you how and you might be pretty clueless. To lower the log near the waterfall, Equip your royal pickaxe.

Once you’ve equipped your royal pickaxe, approach the base of the log by walking across the stone path in the riverbed. You will find that there are A boulder to interact with under the log. Swing your pickaxe on the boulder to lower the log.

That’s it for lowering the log near the waterfall Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you found this article helpful, check out our other VAT instructions here.

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