Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Lancetfish Paella

Disney Dreamlight Valley has many recipes, one of which is the Lancetfish Paella. The Paella is a rewarding five-star recipe that requires you to find the rare Lancetfish. So we have all the tips and tricks you need to find the fish and prepare the dish.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Lancetfish Paella

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The Lancetfish Paella recipe requires you to unlock the Forgotten Lands biome (15,000 Dreamlight), the Glade of Trust biome (5,000 Dreamlight) and the Dazzle Beach biome (1,000 Dreamlight).

Lancetfish Paella Recipe

  • 1 Lancet Fish
    • Obtainable from blue fishing spots in the Forgotten Lands.
    • Available from Moiana’s Fishing Boat.
  • 1 seafood (shellfish)
    • Available from Moiana’s Fishing Boat.
    • Available at Dazzle Beach fishing spots.
    • Collected by Dazzle Beach.
  • 1 shrimp
    • Available from Moiana’s Fishing Boat.
    • Available at Dazzle Beach fishing spots.
  • 1 tomato
    • Available at the Goofy’s Dazzle Beach booth.
      • Mature 33 Star Coins.
      • seed 8 star coins.
      • Available in Wall-E’s garden.
  • 1 rice
    • Available from the Goofy’s Glade of Trust booth.
      • Mature 61 Star Coins.
      • Seed 35 Star Coins.

Simply combine all the ingredients at any cooking station and you have the Lancetfish Paella. The dish costs 1,732 Star Coins and yields 1,689 Star Coins if you grow your own vegetables.

Even better, you can rake in the full amount by purchasing the vegetables from Wall-E’s Garden for free. The court is definitely a great opportunity for profit.

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The five-star recipe provides you with a whopping 4,560 energy, giving you a full energy bar bonus that will definitely help you make the most of your time completing quests in the valley. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley Leader.

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