Disney Dreamlight Valley: Mysterious Blue Potato Quest Walkthrough

The Mysterious Blue Potato is a new item in the Pride of the Valley update that has quite a few Disney Dreamlight Valley player at a loss. It doesn’t have a specific purpose or quest line at the moment, but we know you want to complete the Blue Potato quest and uncover the story of the mysterious potatoes across updates. This walkthrough will show you how to complete it.

How to get the blue potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get the mysterious blue potato you have to get that Mysterious golden potato. Since all potato quests are secret, here we have the steps to get you started.

To get the Golden Potato, enter this key-sensitive redemption code: GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM. Here’s a more detailed breakdown.

  1. During a gaming session, go to your settings menu.
  2. Go to the Help tab on the left.
  3. Save your game to the cloud.
  4. Go to the redemption code slot.
  5. Enter this code (key dependent): “GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM”.
  6. Click the Claim button.

Your Golden Potato will appear in your house mailbox.

Now that you have the golden potato Go to Ursula’s house next to get the Blue Potato. You’ll find it to the left of her throne. Pick it up and keep it in your inventory for the subsequent quest line.

How to complete the Blue Potato Quest

To complete the Blue Potato quest, make sure you have the Blue Potato in your inventory and don’t remove it until the final steps. It’s also important to follow the quest steps in order; Otherwise the items will not appear in your game.

For the quest you need five available inventory slots.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

  • Go to Vaiana’s kingdom at the Disney Castle to get them blue shell.
    • Go to the castle, enter her realm door and turn around. You will see a small island which you can now go to as the Blue Potato unlocks the ability to walk on water. You’ll have to bypass some invisible barriers to get there, but with trial and error you’ll eventually find your way to the Blue Shell on the other side of the small island.
  • Pick up the Blue Shell and then exit the realm. Now go to Dazzle Beach biomeand visit Ariel’s kingdom.
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  • Make your way to the boat skull cave island and go on a trip Ariel’s island.
    • When you arrive go to the left peninsula and on the water go to the area on the right as shown above. Once you get there, pick them up Blue Starfish and leave Ariel’s realm.

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  • Now make your way to Mysterious cave at Dazzle Beach.
    • Once inside, go to the bottom of the cave. You will see the glow blue book left of the stone steps. Walk up to it and pick it up.

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  • The last element is in the Mines of the Sunlit Plateau.
    • Go to the mines and go to the right side. Walk until you see the broken tracks on the left as shown above. The Blue Gem is to the left of those broken tracks and you can walk across to pick it up. You now have all the required items.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

  • Now that you have all the blue items, go a little further into the caves and you will see a path on the right leading to a Shimmering pool of water.
    • Interact with it and place all five blue items in the pool. Once you do this, a Brilliant blue potion will appear. Take the potion and save it for later.

That’s it for our guide on how to complete the Mysterious Blue Potato quest in Dreamlight Valley. There’s no definite use for the potion at the moment, but we’ll let you know what happens next with the Mysterious Potato conspiracy. If you found this article helpful, check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley Leader.

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