Disney Dreamlight Valley: Simba’s Seed of Memories Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘S The Pride of the Valley update brings many exciting quests to discover, including Simba’s Seed of Memories quest. You’ll learn about Simba’s role in the Vale Before Oblivion and help him return to his former glory. This guide will show you how to complete the friendship level 7 quest.

How to complete Seed of Memories

First you need to get Simba to friendship level seven and complete his required quests. No problemAnd The Great Gathering. Once you have completed these steps, the quest will be available to you.

We recommend asking Simba to hang out for the duration of the quest to save you some trouble the entire time.

  • First, find Simba on your map and select his icon to get a Dreamlight trail to him.
  • Go to Simba and talk to him. He wants to know more about his life before oblivion and thinks Scar will know more.
  • Find Scar and talk to him. He will mention Dreamlight Tree Seeds that you hid in the Vitalys Mines on the Sunlit Plateau, which Simba used to watch over Dreamlight Trees in the Vale.

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  • Travel to the now Vitalys mines at Sun-drenched plateau. You have to find a secret entrance. You can find it on the right side of the mines, there are rays of sunlight coming out.
  • Interact with the mysterious entrance and the Herbalist Room will suddenly appear.
  • You must now examine the drawings on the wall to your left and the herbalist’s table to your right. You must ask Merlin what you discovered next.
  • Find Merlin and talk to him. He provides you with the ingredients for a Potion of Growth and a dust potion.
    • Potion of Growth: 3 Dream Shards, 6 Blueberries, 1 Empty Vial (crafted from Glass).
    • Potion of Dust: 3 Nightshards, 3 Orange Swamp Milkweed (Clear of Trust), 1 Empty Vial.
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  • Gather all the necessary ingredients for the potions and craft them at any crafting station.
  • Return to the herbalist’s room in the Vitalys Mines. You need to Interact with the Herbalist table and place the potions in the inventory slots.
  • You receive Dreamlight Tree Seeds from the potions, talk to Simba and show him the seeds. He will tell you that he knows the perfect place to plant them, you have to follow him there.
  • Follow Simba to the pond on the East side of the sunlit plateau.
  • Equip your Royal Shovel and dig a hole somewhere near the pond.
  • Interact with the hole and plant the Dreamlight Tree Seeds.
  • Equip your royal watering can and water the plant. You are instructed to tend to the plant until it grows.
  • It takes a few real days to fully growand once it does, you have completed seeds of memories!

Well that’s it for our guide on how to complete the Seed of Memories quest for Simba. If you found this article helpful, check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley Leader.

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