Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Dreamlight Grove Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘S The Pride of the Valley update brings new discoveries, such as Dreamlight Trees for Simba’s quests. We know that along with the update you want to uncover all the secrets. This guide will show you how to complete Simba’s Dreamlight Grove quest.

How to complete the Dreamlight Grove

First you need to get Simba to friendship level 10 and complete his required quests. No problem, The Great Gatheringand the seeds of memories. Once you have completed these steps, the quest will be available to you.

The quest requires you to visit the Frosted Heights (10,000 Dreamlight), Forgotten Lands (15,000 Dreamlight), and Glade of Trust (5,000 Dreamlight) biomes.

We recommend asking Simba to hang out for the duration of the quest to save you some trouble the entire time.

  • First, find Simba on your map and select his icon to get a Dreamlight trail to him.
  • Go to Simba and talk to him. He remembers that before oblivion there were more dreamlight trees in the valley. He needs more Dreamlight Tree Seeds to remember.
  • Go to the Dreamlight Tree you planted for The Seeds of Memories quest and Harvest some Dreamlight Fruit for Simba.
  • Return to Simba and give him the Dream Light Fruit.
  • Simba will tell you that Mother Gothel used to help with the Dreamlight Trees and you need to speak to her to find out more.
  • Find Mother Gothel, and talk to her. She will tell you the ingredients for a Dreamlight Tree Fertilizer.
    • 5 Vitalys Crystals (Glowring rocks in Vitalys Mines)
    • 2 Purified Nightshards
    • Sunlit Plateau Water (bubbling water in the biome)
    • 3 Dream Light Fruits (3 are produced every 24 hours)
    • 1 empty vial (made of glass)
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  • Gather all the necessary ingredients for the fertilizer and craft it at any crafting station.
  • Go to your inventory and use the Dreamlight Tree Fertilizer. It will now be applied to your royal watering can.
  • Return to Simba, he will tell you the flowers you need to water to grow into more Dreamlight Trees.

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  • Water every 5 flowers in the Frosted Heights, Forgotten Lands and Glade of Trust biomes.
  • Return to Simba and talk to him. He will want to return to the original Dreamlight Tree you planted on the Sunlit Plateau.
  • Follow Simba, then listen as he and Nala talk about the new Dreamlight Trees.
  • Talk to Simba again about the trees.
  • You have now completed The Dreamlight Grove!

Well that’s it for our guide on how to complete The Dreamlight Grove quest for Simba. If you found this article helpful, check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley Leader.

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