Disney Speeedstorm: How to Unlock All Characters

Disney’s latest Early Access game steps into the racing genre, and when it comes to how to unlock all the characters Disney Speed ​​Storm, you actually have more than one option. We introduce them all below.

How to unlock all characters in Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speed ​​Storm has 18 characters available now, but since it’s Early Access, that number is likely to increase in future updates, especially given the amount of characters Disney has created for movies and shows. While you can unlock all characters Disney Speed ​​Storm When you play the game you can also speed up this process with real money.

Disney Speedstorm starting character list

There are some characters that unlock for you right away, so you don’t have to do anything special to unlock this set. These characters include:

  • mickey mouse
  • donald duck
  • mulan
  • Hercules
  • Captain Jack Sparrow

Characters unlocked with shards

While playing Disney Speed ​​Storm, you get character shards. Ten character shards can be used to unlock the character pictured (e.g. 10 Goofy shards unlock Goofy), and the shards are also used to level up that character. Shards can be purchased as follows:

  • Golden passport
  • relay boxes
  • Special boxes
  • Universal boxes
  • Daily Specials

Additionally, all of the above can be purchased in some way using Tokens, an in-game currency that you can earn by playing. Characters that can be earned this way are:

  • baloo
  • animal
  • Lovely
  • Elizabeth Swan
  • figure
  • Silly
  • Mega
  • Mowgli
  • Shan

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Ultimate Founder’s Pack Characters

The Ultimate Founder’s Pack allows you to choose a character that you would normally have to earn through shards at the beginning of the game. You can choose from:

  • baloo
  • animal
  • Lovely
  • Elizabeth Swan
  • Mowgli
  • Shan
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Golden Pass Characters

The Golden Pass is essentially a Battle Pass for Disney Speed ​​Storm. You can gain experience and levels by completing tasks, and you’ll receive season-specific rewards in return.

Since the current season z Monster Inc.can be earned with the Golden Pass Sully at level 10 and Mike at level 15.

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season boxing

The Seasonal Boxes also give you a chance to get more characters related to the current season apart from the ones you have earned through leveling up. For the Monster Inc. Season, you can earn Randall and Celia Mae from these crates.

Universal boxes

When beating the story mode in Disney Speed ​​Storm, you’ll get some Universal Box Credits. In the shop, you can use your Universal Box Credits to open boxes with a chance to get shards for every racer and character, including those from past seasons.

Universal boxes aren’t opened just by earning credits; You can also open them with 10,000 Season Coins, a currency you earn with the Golden Pass. If you have a Founder’s Pack, you will receive Golden Pass credits.

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At its full launch Disney Speed ​​Storm will be free-to-play, but it’s possible that you’ll put money into the game to get more characters faster or for other content that might be added in the future.

But that’s how you unlock all characters Disney Speed ​​Storm at the moment. Since Early Access is only available if you buy a pack, check out our guide to what each level of the Founder’s Pack includes.

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