Do CS:GO Items Carry Over to Counter Strike 2?

To say that counterstrike loves cosmetics would be a huge understatement. Valve recognizes the importance of a CS:GO Player inventory is what has many wondering if theirs CS:GO Items will be transferred to Counterstrike 2. With the limited test running on March 22, 2023, we now know the answer to that question.

Will CS:GO items carry over to Counter Strike 2?

You will be glad to know that your items will not be lost Global offensive To Counterstrike 2. In the short FAQ published by Valve states that “Weapon finishes, decals and other CS:GO inventory items” present and available for use CS2.

This seems to mean everything you got about containers and trading on the Steam marketplace Counter Strike Global Offensive will indeed be available in the sequel. This makes sense considering it appears to be a direct upgrade from GOrather than a whole new game.

The counterstrike The Item Market is the busiest on the Steam marketplace. Locking out players from the cosmetics they’ve earned or bought over the years would be a major annoyance to the community.

The Counterstrike 2 Limited testing starts today and it looks set to run until the game’s full release this summer. Find out how to join CS2 Limited test and look for more Counterstrike 2 Advice and news here on GameSkinny, for example whether the game will be released on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S.

Featured image via Valve YouTube.

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