Does Dead by Daylight Mobile Have Controller Support?

Dead by daylight mobile Controller support would be a boon for fans of the asymmetric horror game on iOS and Android devices. Gaming on a phone screen is fine, but there’s no denying the convenience of using a controller, not to mention the increased fidelity it offers. So does DbD Mobile support controllers?

Is there controller support in Dead By Daylight Mobile? – replied

The short answer to whether Dead by daylight mobile has controller support is no; There is no controller support for DbD Mobile players at this time. Unfortunately, fans are stuck with the game’s touch controls.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use a controller or clip-on controls while playing Dead by daylight mobile. However, since there is no controller support, you are limited in what you can do – you can only move your character and interact with a few objects. They do not have complete freedom of movement or interaction.

Will Dead By Daylight Mobile get controller support?

Unfortunately, there are currently no reports of controller compatibility Dead by daylight mobile at the time of this writing. In addition, the official support page does not give any information about possible future developments for controllers.

However, there are third-party app options for iOS and Android users to connect a controller to Dead by daylight mobile. Just know that this is a patch option that requires patience and money, although it’s possible if you really want controller support. More on this DbD, Visit our advice hub here.

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