Does Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Have Crossplay?

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty takes place in ancient China and puts players in the boots of a soldier fighting a massive army of demons. There are quite a few challenges to overcome in this team ninja title, but you can summon friends to help you when you get stuck. But the question is, does it Where to go have crossplay?

Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty cross-platform?

The answer here is “kinda”. technically yes Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty has cross-platform play, but probably not in the way someone expects when hearing that phrase.

According to Team Ninja official FAQ For the game, Where to go only supports crossplay between the same family of consoles. This means players on PlayStation 4 can play with players on PlayStation 5 and players on Xbox One can play with people on Xbox Series X|S. Unfortunately, only PC gamers can play with other people on PC. Unfortunately, if you’re an Xbox gamer who wants to play on PlayStation with your friend, you’re out of luck.

Team Ninja didn’t explain why they made this decision, but it’s always possible that crossplay will be added Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty in a future update. For more information about the game, see our Where to go leads hub.

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