Dredge Fishing Guide: How to Catch Fish

Understand how to catch fish Dredge is an integral part of the game loop. You must pay off your debts and explore mysterious waters filled with psychological horrors. And to be successful, there are some tips to keep in mind.

Below we cover how the fishing mini-game works, explain why rods are important, and unravel the mysteries of carb pots and trawls.

Basics of dredge fishing

Dredge walks you through a very basic tutorial as you embark on your first fishing trip. As you cruise through the murky waters in your boat, keep an eye out for bubbling bodies of water—called disturbed water — where fish abound.

Start the Fishing mini-game by pressing the interact button (F on PC, X on PlayStation, A on Xbox). This will bring up the fishing screen. Press the interact button again to drop your line.

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Once you catch a fish, a meter will appear. Press the interact button when the gauge is in the green areas. This will make the line knife jump and you can reel in the rod faster.

Retrieving a fish quickly is especially important when night fishing as you don’t want to spend any more time off the dock than is necessary.

Once you catch a fish, place it in your cargo hold. Each fish occupies a different number of squares in a different shape. Mackerel is a straight, two-cornered fish. The eel is a straight, triangular fish. And cod is L-shaped.

As you play, fitting fish into the cargo becomes a bit of a puzzle. You can rotate items entering your cargo by right-clicking (RMB) on PC, PlayStation LB/RB, and Xbox LT/RT.

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Rods and water types explained

Especially at the beginning of the game you will come across some fishing spots where you cannot fish. That’s because you don’t yet have the right fishing rod for the type of body of water.

There are different Dredge Aquatic species, from the coastal waters to the volcanic and mangrove areas. To catch fish in these waters, buy the appropriate rod from the shipbuilder. For the more complex areas you have to research the right staff before it is offered for sale.

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Crab pots and trawl nets explained

As you advance Dredgeyou gain access to crab pots and trawl nets, giving you more opportunities to catch fish.

  • crab pots are dropped items that you can leave in the water to check later. They only work for so long, so it’s best to remember when you’ve placed them.
  • trawls are added to your ship in the Dockyard and catch fish as you navigate the waters.

Those are the basics of fishing Dredge. There is a great variety of fish to discover and strange occurrences to investigate, so set sail to fish and explore. Good luck and have fun! For more Dredge tips, Check out our instructions page.

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