Dredge: How to Collect All Samples for Research Assistant

The research associate at Dredge challenges you to find specific fish to complete the pursuit called Collect All Samples. Aimed at uncovering the workings of a giant monster terrorizing the area, this quest has multiple parts and requires a specific fishing rod upgrade. How to complete the pursuit.

Where can I find the research assistant in Dredge?

The research assistant is located in the Old Fortress in the Stellar Basin, which is located in the southwestern part of the map. You can usually find them in Chapter 3 if you head to that region.

If you talk to the research assistant, she will explain that a monster has destroyed everything in the area. She will give you that Collect all Pursuit Samples to advance their exploration of the behemoth.

How to complete the Collect All Samples pursuit

The Collect All Samples pursuit consists of two parts. The first asks you to find three different fish, while the second part asks you to find a prototype part.

After completing the first part of the pursuit, you will be able to do this Catch abyssal and hadal fish; that alone makes it worth completing this endeavor. The three are:

  • Aurora jellyfish
  • firefly squid
  • Glowing octopus

Note that The fish cannot be different for this search; These must be normal fish. Here you will find them.

Location of the Aurora Jellyfish

Aurora Jellyfish Conditions

  • Location: Stellar Basin
  • fishing method: trawl
  • Time: Night

Aurora Jellyfish can only be caught with trawlstherefore, your ship must be upgraded in the Dry Dock or at the Traveling Merchant.

Drop the net at night while cruising the coastal waters of the Stellar Basin and you should catch one pretty quickly.

firefly squid

firefly squid terms

  • Location: Stellar Basin
  • fishing method: rod, trawl
  • Time: Night

Firefly Squid, like their cousins ​​Arrow Squid, only come out at night. In the Stellar Basin region, look for inshore fishing spots with bright fish.

Glowing octopus

Conditions for luminous octopuses

  • Location: Stellar Basin
  • fishing method: rod, crab pot
  • Time: Night

Luminous octopuses can be found in the shallow waters of the Stellar Basin. It can be caught at night with a pot or rod.

Once you have the three samples, go back to the Old Fortress and turn them in to the research assistant. She will then task you with going to the Research Outpost to find one prototype part.

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How to get to the research outpost

The Research Outpost is located on the line between coordinates F4 and G4 on the map. There, examine the lab to find the part.

Return to the Research Assistant to get the sampling device. This allows you to unlock abyss and hadal fishing poles through research (with research parts).

Buy those Bottomless Lines Rod and equip your ship with it. Now you can catch the next set of fish that the research assistant is looking for. This portion of the Collect All Samples pursuit unlocks the central area of ​​the Stellar Basin, and requires you to catch four different types of fish for the research assistant.


conditions for frogfish

  • Location: Abyssal spots
  • fishing method: Rod
  • Time: day or night

The monkfish is so creepy in Dredge how it is in real life. This fish can be caught at any time of the day or night from Abyssal Fishing Spots.

Loose jaw

Loosejaw Terms

  • Location: Abyssal spots
  • fishing method: Rod
  • Time: At any time

Loosejaw appears as a red-eyed fish in Abyssal fishing spots. It can be caught at any time.

Huge amphipod

Conditions for giant amphipods

  • Location: Hadal disturbed waters
  • fishing method: Rod
  • Time: At any time

You must use the machine given to you by the research assistant to sail safely to the center of the region. Keep an eye out for the giant amphipod in Hadal Disturbed Waters at all times and look specifically for wHere the fish have legs.


Snailfish Terms

  • Location: Hadal disturbed waters
  • fishing method: Rod
  • Time: At any time

Another fish in the center of the region, Snailfish can always be found at Hadal’s fishing spots.

When you have collected all the fish, return to the research assistant. For completing the Collect All Samples pursuit, you will receive a book named A plan for the future. If you finish reading it, you have a 15% chance of not reducing the fish stock when you catch a fish with a rod.

How to complete the Collect All Samples pursuit for Research Assistant in Dredge. For more help see our other Dredge Leader.

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