Dredge: How to Find all Relics for The Collector Pursuit

The Collector Pursuit is the main questline of Dredge, and you need to find five relics for the collector to complete it. The artifacts can be found in all of the game’s locations, allowing you to find your way around each named location on the map.

Obtaining the relics becomes increasingly difficult as the game progresses. To save you time and effort, we have listed all locations and the most important tips for you here.

Where to get all Collector Pursuit Relics in Dredge

Ornate Key Relic location

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The Relic Ornate Key is the first thing you need to find. It is located in the first location of the game, larger bone marrow, in the small chain of islands southwest of Greater Marrow. look in between Coordinates I8 and I7.

Have an engine and light upgrade installed so you don’t get caught doing this route in the evenings, which can be dangerous. Dredge doesn’t really tell you to do this, so it’s good to keep track of your future upgrades.

As you approach the area, you’ll see either red particles or a red beam from the relic’s location, depending on the time of day you’re there. Just dig up the red spot to get the elaborate key.

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Location of Jukebox Relics

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The Jukebox Relic requires you to travel storm cliffs. The relic can be found between Coordinates N4 and N3 on the navigation map. The area where the Music Box is is blocked by rockfalls, and you’ll need Packed Explosives to break through.

Talk to the hermit who lives in the ruins; He has his own dock that you can turn to. Then dredge his family crest next in between Coordinates O3 and P3.

Once you’ve done that, return the family crest to the hermit to meet his retired whaling brother, who will provide you with the packaged explosives to breach the barricade near the ruins. You can now dig up the ruins for the music box.

Jewel Encrusted Band Ring Relic Location

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The Jewel Encrusted Band Relic sits right in the middle of the Stellar Basin. However, you will quickly discover that the region is being ruled by a giant sea monster, and if you attempt to enter the center your ship will be destroyed.

To deal with the monster you need a repulsion machine, which is provided by a researcher in the Old Fortress (D5). She will ask for one Luminous squid, fireflies and an aurora jellyfish.

You have to fish for squid at night in the blue glowing fishing spots and cast a trawl for squid and jellyfish at night. You can purchase a trawl from the Starlight Pontoon (E2) if you forgot one.

Once you get the fish, bring them back to the researcher. Then go to the Abandoned Research Outpost (G4) and pick up the gear she asked for. Return to her one more time and you’ll get a sampling device that you can use to fish inside Abyssal fishing spotsand a Repulsion Machine for the Abandoned Research Outpost which, when active, will scare the sea monster away.

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Activate the repulsion engine and head to the center of the Stellar Basin to dredge the Jewel Encrusted Band.

Location of the Shimmering Necklace Relics

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Go to twisted strand Next, locate the flier in its camp (between coordinates E13 and F13) to get the shimmering necklace. He’ll let you get his Mortar Pieces, one of which is in the northwest corner of E13. The other is in the northwest corner of G14.

Next, he’ll have you craft three lures to eliminate some sea monsters. Make sure you have one Mangrove Fishing Rod for this next part.

  • First Bait
    • Even x1: Can be caught with a Mangrove Rod at any time of the day.
    • Mullet x2: Caught with a trawl or shore rod at any time of the day.
  • Second bait
    • Catfish x1: Caught with a shore rod at night.
    • Mullet x1: Caught with a trawl or shore rod at any time of the day.
  • Third Bait
    • Longfin Eel x2: Caught with a mangrove rod at night.

Return the fish to the flyer before it goes bad; We’ve had the best luck of doing this over the course of a few trips while using the haste ability.

He will craft you three lures for the monster traps and mark the trap locations on your map. After triggering the traps, be sure to get the carcass out of the trap for the flyer.

After you’ve successfully killed all three monsters, the flier will retrieve the shimmering necklace from the last carcass you turn in.

Pocket watch relic location

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The location of the pocket watch relic is in the Devil’s Spine. This is the final questline for The Collector Pursuit, and some actions might affect the ending you get.

Once you arrive, go to Ancient Temple to get the required pursuit from the fanatic. You will be prompted to retrieve Unfathomable Flames of stone shrines now marked on your map.

You must catch fish that require a Volcano rod or trawl, so make sure you have one installed. Here’s what you need to catch for the stone shrines:

  • Pale skate: Caught with a Volcanic trawl or rod during the day.
  • ghost shark: Caught with a Volcano Rod at any time of the day.
  • Two deviations: Any two malformed fish.
  • spider crab: Caught with crab pots in the water near the temple.
  • Stocky lobster: Caught with crab pots in the water near the temple.

Once you have all three Fathomless Flames, take them to the temple’s statues. After that, the fanatic performs a ritual and leaves behind the pocket watch relic.

Well that’s it for our guide on how to find all relics for The Collector pursuit Dredge. If you found this helpful and want to discover more tips and tricks, check out ours Dredge leads hub.

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