Dredge: How to Get Abyssal and Hadal Fishing Catches

Abyssal and hadal fish are the most difficult to fish Dredge. You can’t just go out and haul or fish for them. Instead, for this you need a specific item related to a quest. They’re the final location types to unlock, and they take a few different steps to do so.

Explains how to unlock Abyssal and Hadal fish

To gain access to Abyss Fish you must complete the first part of the Collect all Pursuit Samples. This quest is given to you by the research assistant in the Stellar Basin region of the Old Fortress. The coordinates for the Old Fortress are D5.

The research assistant will ask you to catch and bring back the following:

  • Aurora Jellyfish x1
  • Firefly Squid x1
  • Glowing Octopus x1

Aberrant versions of Pisces do not count towards this pursuit. Instead, the fish must be of the regular variety.

Once you’ve caught the fish you need, bring them back to complete this stage of the pursuit. The research assistant will then send you to the research outpost, which is directly on the line between coordinates F4 and G4.

Here you must get prototype partswhich can be found by examining the lab.

Returning to the research assistant with the prototype parts will give you the sampling device. This is how you can catch Abyssal Fish. With this item you can now research the Bottomless Lines under bars with x1 research parts. You then need to purchase and install Bottomless Lines to actually catch Abyssal and Hadal fish.

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How to unlock the ability to catch Abyssal and Hadal fish Dredge. For more tracking guides, item locations, or fishing guides, go to Check out our instructions page.

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