Dredge: How to Get Explosives and the Family Crest for the Hermitage Pursuit

All over the world from Dredge, there are some locked locations that require explosives to get through. To get Dynamite you need to complete the Hermitage Chase where you are looking for the family crest. Here’s how to complete the pursuit and get the items you’re looking for.

How to start Hermitage tracking in Dredge

Just past Ingfell you’ll come across Hermit’s Port, an access area to a group of ruins. There you will find the hermit who mentions the monster that destroyed the area.

He talks about his brother, who used to make explosives for whaling. The hermit will also mention the family crest, how he stole it and how it disappeared due to a monster attack.

In order to get the brother to make explosives for you, you must find the family crest, give it back to the brother and bring the hermit back to Ingfell.

How to get the family crest

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To find the family crest, head to the middle area of ​​Gale Cliffs in the eastern part of the region where the monster will be waiting for you. Take the small waterway to the right of Hermit’s Port and continue with the cliffs on your left.

If you go to the left of the hermit’s port, you will come across the monster fish that the hermit mentioned that can destroy your ship. The basic hull is game over if it gets damaged more than 3 times. Either way, head to coordinates O3 as your destination.

You will come to a small island with a port and an abandoned campsite where you can sell some items. From there, go to the southeast corner of the archipelago and left at the wreck in the water.

Go straight through a narrow area into an open area to find the location of the yellow family crest. Dredging to bring the item on board.

With the family crest in hand, it’s time to return to the hermit. Watch out for the monster fish when you return to its port. Talk to the hermit and he will send you to Ingfell with the family crest. Talk to his brother, dem retired whalersover the coat of arms to return it to him.

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Once the family crest is returned, the whaler will ask you to blast some debris blocking a shortcut through the cliffs.

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If you take the path to the left of the Hermit’s Haven, the monster will chase you as soon as you enter the narrow waterway. If the monster catches up to you, use haste or equipped with a faster engine, especially if you already have damage to your hull. You can stay on track and use the same route you found the family crest. It will take longer, but it will dodge the monster.

Continue until you find the marked area. To use explosives you just need to get close enough to interact with the debris. Confirm you want to blow it up, then escape back to Ingfell and report your success to the retired whaler.

The final step of the Hermitage pursuit is to bring the hermit to Ingfell. Make sure you have the six squares required for transportation. Due to its rectangular shape, you may need to offload some items to your camp or onto the Dusty Pontoon before heading to the Hermit’s Harbor.

Find the retired whaler on the docks and buy packaged explosives from him for $40; They take up two spaces in your cargo or warehouse.

How to find the family crest, get explosives and complete the Hermitage pursuit Dredge. With Packed Explosives on board, you can blow up all the debris scattered around the game. For more information, see our Dredge guide library.

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