Dredge: How to Get Research Parts

Dredge Research pieces are an important part of Lovecraft’s fishing game. With them, you can improve your fishing gear and ship by researching new improvements. If you’re wondering where to find them or how to use them, this guide has the information you’re looking for.

What are research parts? Explained

Research parts take up a slot in your cargo and can be acquired in a number of ways. They are needed to unlock new gear and engines for your ship, and they appear as a collection of gear and other odds and ends.

When you dock, you have the option to use them to unlock new rods, trawls, engines, or crab pots for various costs. More advanced items require more parts as well as the previous versions of those items to unlock.

At the beginning of Dredgeput your research bits into new rods so you can fish from more places – and catch more fish!

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Sources of supply for research parts

There are three ways to get research pieces Dredge.

  • pursuits: Pursuits, the game’s side quests, often reward research parts upon completion. These reward you with the most parts for the smallest investment.
  • Dredge: Research parts can sometimes be collected while excavating.
  • buy you: Purchasing research parts is the fastest way to get them. The traveling merchant sells research parts for $300 each. If you have the extra cash and need to do some research right away, buying will do.

These are the three ways to get research parts Dredge, as well as how to use them and what they are for. We have more Dredge guide hereincluding how to get the alternate ending and how get rich quick.

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