Dredge: How to Get the Signet Ring

The Dredge Signet Ring is a reward for completing a specific pursuit that can be claimed in Devil’s Spine. After finding a castaway, you have a prize that may not cost much but is steeped in mystery, much like the waters of this Lovecraftian fishing game. If you’re wondering how to get the signet ring or curious about its effects, you’re not alone.

Excavator signet ring explained

The Dredge Signet Ring is a reward for completing the Shipwrecked Pursuit. If you haven’t already declared this pursuit, you’ll need to head towards Devil’s Spine to get it.

Near Devil’s Spine you’ll find various rocks positioned to spell out SOS. Investigate the area and you’ll spot a stranded shipwrecked man. bring him to Little markand he will give you the signet ring as a reward.

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What is the signet ring used for in Dredge? answered

What is the signet ring used for in Dredge? There is actually only speculation about the actual use of the signet ring. It can be sold to any merchant or dealer for $90, although the description suggests that it can increase luck.

The item’s description has led some to keep it until another use emerges or more information is discovered. Others have found that they have traveled with it and have not noticed any increase in happiness – or any changes at all.

While the signet ring could be an item that could come into the game in the future, the Black Salt Games team has stated that they have no definitive DLC plans for the future post-release. It could just be that the fancy ring was all the castaway had left him to repay you for the voyage. It’s still a mystery.

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Whether you decide to keep the signet ring or sell it doesn’t seem to matter the game ends in some way. More on this Dredge items, how to fish or other instructions, Our guides page has your swag.

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