Dungeons and Dragons DLC Release? Answered

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons will be a thing. Wizards of the Coast announced the news on a recent broadcast D&D Direct presentation which they started by announcing a new collaboration Minecraft. The dungeons DLC takes you to the Forgotten Realms where you can play as one of the legendary TTRPG classes and face classic enemies including a dragon. But when is it coming? Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC release?

Release date of Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC

From the official announcement show to their respective official Twitter accounts, as of this writing (March 28, 2023), we only know that Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons will be forthcoming, with a release date for this spring.

No firm release date has been announced yet, but with the hype surrounding the announcement, more information is sure to be revealed soon.

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC locations, classes and enemy mobs

Here’s what we currently know about the DLC. You need Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to play in the Forgotten Realms.

There are five locations to explore, two of which we know of:

You can play as different classes armed with weapons Dungeons and Dragons. The reveal trailer also shows off the creatures you’ll be fighting from the Forgotten Realms, such as Displacer Beasts, Dragons, Mimics, and Gelatinous Cubes.

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Along with the DLC announcement, a new Monstrous Compendium was released. Another collaboration between Minecraft And Dungeons and DragonsThe Monstrous Compendium Volume 3 admits stat blocks Minecraft Mobs so you can include them in your home tabletop sessions. The compendium is available on minecraft.net and for free dndbeyond.com.

Featured image via Dungeons & Dragons YouTube.

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