Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Cards Coming to Magic: The Gathering

dungeon and dragons has been rolling out a ton of new content over the next few months, including one more Magic the Gathering Cooperation. The Secret Lair set includes all six main party members from the new film, Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and will be released on March 31, 2023.

The Secret Lair character set contains seven cards, one for each party member, except for Doric, who has an additional card for her wild form, Owlbear. The set is available for pre-order now with your choice of foil version for $49.99 or non-foil version for $39.99. The exclusive drop ends on April 23, 2023 with a countdown at the top of the order page.

These are the cards in the Secret Lair set:

  • Edgin, Larcenous Lutenist: Blue/Red Card
  • Xenk, Paladin Unbroke: White card
  • Simon, Wizard of Wild Magic: Blue Card
  • Forge, Neverwinter Charlatan: Black Card
  • Hoiilga, Relentless Rager: Red card
  • Doric, Guardian of Nature: Green Card
  • Doric, Owlbear Avenger: Green Card

The cards come with a range of abilities and costs, and are suitable for multiple decks. Both Doric cards are meant to be used together to play out their ability to transform and unlock their full potential. Each character ability focuses on the class they have in the movie as well as their personality, like Xenk with a paladin aura or Holga, which gives other creatures an attack boost until end of turn.

This is not the first collaboration between D&D And MtG, since they have the same parent company. With the recent increase in players for D&D and the success of honor among thievesfuture collaborations may be in the works.

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Featured image via Wizards of the Coast.

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