Everspace 2: All Adam Hero Perks

ever space 2 Hero Perks allow you to make clone pilot Adam Roslin everything from more resilient to better at critically hitting enemies. While there are a total of 18 passive traits to unlock, you’re here to get the best perks in the game. We list them all below and give our thoughts on which ones you should choose and why.

The best Adam hero perks in Everspace 2

The way you earn Hero Perks as Adam ever space 2 is by leveling up. Up to the level 30 cap, you have three choices every five levels. You can only select one hero perk from each group at a time, although you can respec perks while docked at a station.

Below we have listed the best hero perks that Adam can get at each level.

Tier 5 Perks

  • exit strategy: Takes 25% less damage while boosting.
  • close the call: Instead of taking lethal damage, the ship deploys an invulnerability shield that lasts for 10 seconds. You must dock with a station to update its trigger.
  • Defensive Massacre: Killing an enemy instantly triggers your shield recharge.

For this particular grouping, we feel that close the call And Defensive Massacre are the two better options. The former is a lifesaver, especially when you think your ship will be destroyed soon. The latter, on the other hand, has a very high shield recharge time since you’re taking out enemies a lot.

Level 10 Perks

  • Percussive maintenance: Direct Armor or Hull hits have a 10% chance to reduce the cooldown of a random gadget by 20%.
  • Downtime Warrior: Weapons require 15% less energy for each device that is on cooldown.
  • Play it safe: Activating a warfare device adds +4 reactive armor charges that negate the next four impact events for five seconds.

Play it safe is a good choice here, as timing it right can make you immune to all damage for a short time.

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Level 15 Perks

  • Excessive power: +30% primary weapon energy damage when your shield is fully charged.
  • crit happened: Critical hits have a 30% chance to trigger an explosion, dealing 50% of the original damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • Relentless: 20% increased Weapon Power Capacity for each Support Device installed.

crit happened is one of the best Adam Hero perks in ever space 2. If you have the right tools to land critical hits reliably, you’ll often see a series of explosions.

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Level 20 Perks

  • Later motives: 100% ultimate generation when your shield is fully depleted.
  • Relentless Attack: Activating your ult instantly repairs 50% of armor and removes all debuffs.
  • critical faculty: Critical hits have a chance to restore 1% of ultimate energy.

We feel that Later motives is the ideal choice here. In all likelihood, tougher enemies and those in high-risk areas would quickly drop your shield. As such, having your Ultimate ready can be invaluable when you need massive damage or something to get you out of trouble quickly.

Level 25 Perks

  • retribution: Reflects 30% of incoming damage back to attackers.
  • exploitation: 50% critical hit chance against enemy ships whose movement is impaired.
  • Preparation: Grants 5% secondary weapon damage every second, stacking up to 6 times; resets when you take damage.

exploitation is one of the top choices among ever space 2 Adam Hero Perks. Using EMP bursts, web missiles, web mines, and other contraptions, you can disrupt enemy ship movement, resulting in easy critical hits.

Level 30 Perks

  • Ride the Lightning: Killing an enemy while your shield is active creates a ball of lightning that orbits your ship for 20 seconds. Incoming attacks consume the bullet to damage the attacker while also stunning them with an EMP for 3 seconds. Once you have 5 bullets, you get unlimited boost energy and a 30% increased rate of fire.
  • overkill: After your ult expires, your primary weapons remain empowered with ancient energy and gain +20% damage and armor piercing abilities; lasts up to 20 seconds depending on the ultimate energy consumed.
  • Symphony of Destruction: Destroying an enemy spacecraft with a critical hit causes its energy core to discharge, dealing a percentage damage in a large radius.

Under these decisions we feel that Symphony of Destruction is without exception one of the best perks you can get. Combined with other factors and perks that cause/trigger/affect critical hits, numerous explosions can occur as you take down waves of enemies.

These are the best Adam Hero perks in ever space 2. For more tips and tricks, dock at ours ever space 2 guide hub here.

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