Everspace 2: Best Companion Perks

your character inside ever space 2, Adam Roslin, is assisted by various companions. These apostate comrades-in-arms have their own personal motivations and bestow special blessings on them. Here is our ever space 2 Best Companion Perks Guide to help you prioritize the ideal upgrades.

The best companion perks in Everspace 2

When we talk about the best perks for companions ever space 2this is important to note Unlocking traits and abilities in each category must be done in order, and these often require specific materials and resources. Even if one companion has a useful passive right now, another can later provide a crucial advantage and require the materials you may have spent.

It is also worth mentioning that your companions mostly stay in a base. Except in some instances, they don’t necessarily appear in combat. Given that, you’re mostly looking at the passive boons they provide and not much else.

We recommend focusing on the following companions first:

  • beehive: Autonomous Cargo Dispatcher and Mining Tracker.
  • I live: Fire support.
  • Sit down: Spatial bypass and location scanner.
  • You can upgrade the other one ever space 2 Companion Perks whenever you have the materials to spare or when the need arises.

Perks for companions of Dax and Ben


  • Pay only 70% of hull repairs.
  • Pay only 70% of device repairs.
  • Below 30% of your maximum hull HP, the hull is automatically repaired for free upon docking.

tractor beam

  • Increases the base range of the tractor beam to 800m.
  • Drag multiple objects at once.
  • Increases train speed.

Cruise Drive

  • Reduced cruise control activation delay to 1.5/1.2/0.9 seconds.

Dax and Ben have the same perks. We recommend using these a little later in the game, as most of the time they offer useful effects.

Delia Companion Perks

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  • Doubles the repair speed of nanobots.
  • Nanotech repairs nearby allies.
  • Nanotech repairs armor for half the price.

energy balls

  • Destroying ships sometimes releases energy orbs that replenish weapons and boost energy.
  • Energy orbs will replenish some ship armor.
  • Energy orbs will replenish some shield energy.
  • Destroying ships, especially elite ships, sometimes releases a rare orb that grants more weapons and boost energy, as well as +20% more handling for 10 seconds.
  • Energy balls are moving towards you.
  • Rare orbs charge your ship’s ultimate ability.

Delia’s energy orb upgrade levels are useful as you will fight countless ships throughout your adventure. The downside is that the effects are a bit negligible compared to what other companions offer.

Hive Companion Perks

Autonomous cargo handler

  • In space, send excess cargo to your home base.

mining tracker

  • Displays potential mining yields for each location on the star map.
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start delays

  • Reduces the launch delay after equipping a secondary weapon or consumable to 20 seconds.
  • Removes startup delays when not in combat.
  • Reduces the launch delay after equipping a secondary weapon or consumable to 15 seconds.

Hive probably has the single best companion ever space 2. The Autonomous Cargo Dispatcher ensures that any loot you receive is sent to your base, which is amazing considering you often run out of inventory space.

Elek Companion Perks

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fire support

  • Elek will step in and help Adam shoot down enemies (when he’s in the mood).
  • Upgrade Elek’s weapons into powerful equalizers.
  • Elek will also attack with EMP missiles.

Some companions will appear as wingmen in some missions. However, most of the time Adam will be traveling alone. But once Elek is part of your crew, chances are he’ll help you out in dogfights.

Tareen Companion Perks

memory size

  • Homebase memory size increased to 60/75/100.

hangar size

  • Expand the hangar to accommodate 7/9 ships.

ship trader

  • Increase the number of ships offered by ship traders.
  • Marie de Windt will be convinced to let the flying Dutchwoman offer some ships for sale.
  • Gain an alternate set of passives for each ship.
  • Increase the choice of ships at the Flying Dutchess.
  • The full range of ships offered can be updated every 10 minutes.
  • Kato will be convinced to offer first-class ships for sale at Kato Palace.

Tareen mainly helps you with storage and ship availability. You can upgrade some of these as needed, although you probably won’t go overboard if you can manage your wares well enough. However, ships are another matter, especially if you’re looking for powerful ships to buy.

Khala Companion Perks

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Spatial bypass

  • Allows you to build spatial bypasses so you can quickly switch between systems.

Location Scanner

  • Displays the completion rate of a location on the star map.
  • Shows how many and what kind of secrets are still to be discovered for each location.

Khala has some of the best perks for followers ever space 2, mainly because they are an integral part of exploration. Once spatial bypasses are built, you can use an actual fast travel system, saving you a lot of time. Location scanners give you the information you need to get all the collectibles and secrets in a sector.

These are the best perks for companions ever space 2. For more information about the space shooter, check out our guides to Best Hero Perks And how to complete all challenges.

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