Everspace 2: Is There New Game Plus? Answered

ever space 2 takes you on a wondrous journey through the vastness of the void. This endeavor is expected to take around 30 hours if you’re following the main story, and up to 90 hours if you’re a completer. However, you may be wondering whether ever space 2 has new game plus.

Does Everspace 2 have a new game plus?

The short answer to that is: No: ever space 2 does not have a new Game Plus mode after you complete the campaign. There are plenty of other things to do though, and we’ve outlined some of the best ones below to keep you flying, space cowboy. You’re just getting started.

first of all, ever space 2The story campaign of is mostly linear. Through cutscenes and conversations, you’ll go from one location to the next, taking out countless enemies throughout your journey. Once you finish the campaign you will have access to instead of jumping into NG+ Free roaming mode instead of this.

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Basically, you can still visit most regions on the star map, including some hubs and outposts held by factions (e.g. the Flying Dutchwoman). This allows you overcome numerous challenges that you haven’t tackled yet.

Likewise, instead of NG+ Open old rifts via Spatial Bypasses. This is the endgame activity where you have to destroy waves of enemy ships to get rewards.

And due to the structure of the campaign, many locations in the sectors of the galaxy are not fully explored. That means instead of rushing from one mission objective to the next, you can take your time looking at location challenges or distress calls, some of which may contain puzzles or encounters.

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Essentially, it’s really up to you whether you want to tackle these activities during the campaign or save them for later when you’re just free to roam.

But that answers the question of whether ever space 2 has new game plus. For more information, see our ever space 2 instructions page.

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