Everspace 2 Ship Weapons Guide and Full List

ever space 2 has a lot of ship weapons with which you can destroy countless enemies in the void of space. Some tend to be more effective in certain situations, while others aren’t as useful. You need to make sure you have the right loadout. The ever space 2 focuses on the best to give you the best chance of survival and provides a full list if you’re looking for something else.

The best ship weapons in Everspace 2

Technically, there is no “best”. ever space 2 Ship Weapons” as each type has a specific function that should serve you well in dogfights. Therefore, we recommend bringing different types with you so that you can swap them out if necessary. However, here are some good tips based on common scenarios:

  • scatter gun: This weapon is excellent for hand-to-hand combat.
  • beam laser: Best for mid-range engagements.
  • rail gun: Perfect for hitting ranged ships before they can attack you.

ever space 2 is an RPG looter shooter. This means the higher your level, the greater the chance of acquiring rarer items.

Craftable weapons have the following rarities:

  • Together (white)
  • Uncommon (green)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Superior (pink).

Higher rarity means better stats and additional passive boons. For example, superior items have three benefits.

primary weapons are the ones with unlimited ammo, but they require a bit of energy. secondary weapons have limited projectiles/charges and are to be used sparingly. These and consumables are equipped via the inventory menu.

Weapons can be dropped from enemy ships that you destroy, picked up from containers that you can loot, or crafted through the menu if you have the necessary materials.

Armor can be fitted with a catalyst that provides additional boosts, although replacing one with another will result in the previous catalyst being destroyed.

Complete list of Everspace 2 ship weapons

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Here is a complete list of all primary and secondary weapons in ever space 2including their basic effects and potencies to help you decide on the fly what is most appropriate for the current situation or mission.

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Primary ship weapons

  • pulse laser: Energy-based weapon that shatters shields.
  • beam laser: Fires a high-intensity beam; no tracking required.
  • Railgun: Requires a full charge before shooting; great for hitting distant enemies.
  • autocannon: Rapid-fire weapon that shreds armor.
  • Scatter Gun: A slow-firing projectile launcher that is effective at close range.
  • Blasters: Has fast-firing projectiles for close-ranged combat and larger targets.
  • thermal gun: Long-range beam that blasts energy.
  • Flak: Deals kinetic area damage to multiple enemies.
  • Gauss Cannon: High damage potential as it increases in both rate of fire and spread the longer you shoot.
  • Gauss Rifle: Shoots projectiles via a mass driver; has decent range and damage, but consumes energy faster.

Secondary ship weapons

  • homing missiles: Lock in to pursue a goal; deals kinetic damage.
  • EMP Missiles: Lock in to pursue a goal; temporarily disables the ship and deals minor energy damage.
  • Shieldbreaker Missiles: Deals additional damage to shields.
  • Armor Breaking Missiles: Deals additional damage to armor.
  • Destabilization Missiles: Makes the target more vulnerable to kinetic and energy damage.
  • Web Missiles: Temporarily impairs a target’s movement.
  • Corrosion Missiles: Degrades armor and hulls over time.
  • cruise missiles: Radar-guided warhead used against long-range targets.
  • Missiles: High capacity projectile launcher that does not require lock-on capabilities.
  • mines: High-yield explosives for crowd control; can be grabbed and thrown.
  • Corrosion mines: Drops a debilitating cloud in an area that attacks the armor and hull of any ship that passes through it.
  • web mines: Releases a substance that can affect the movement of ships passing through the area.

These are the best ship weapons ever space 2, as well as a complete overview of all Death Dealers in the game. Check out ours Best Guide to Marine Equipment next or the best hero perks for adam. Several options relate to your damage output, which should work well with your choices here.

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