Fallout 76 Cultist Locations Guide: Best Places to Find Cultists

The cultists of the Cult of the Mothman have a strong presence this season Fallout 76, and there are many places to find them in the Appalachian Mountains. Let’s go over some of the best places to find cultists to save you some time when hunting them down.

Fallout 76 Cultist Locations

The main location for cultists revolves around Point Pleasant, the pre-war location of many mothman sightings. Point Pleasant is where the original Cult of the Mothman began before being moved to the Lucky Hole Mine to survive a catastrophic flood and later the bombing. Since then, the cult has spread throughout Appalachia and beyond.

Cultist settlements or camps can be found on the map with the cultist icon, which is a skull with ritual bandages and horns.

  • Mothman Museum and Point Pleasant
  • Blake’s offer
  • Clancy Manor
  • Ingram villa
  • Johnson’s Acre
  • Kanawha County Cemetery
  • The aforementioned lantern
  • Lucky hole mine
  • Moth home
  • sacrament
  • Sunken Church near Raleigh Clay’s Bunker

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Unnamed cultist sites

These are locations where you may be able to find cultists, but they won’t appear on your map of Appalachia.

  • Altar on the southern edge of the ash heap
  • Small camp and suicide ritual at Old Mold Quarry
  • Shrine south of the crater
  • Shrine east of Bleeding Kate’s Grindhouse
  • Shrine east of Transmission Station 1AT-U03
  • Sacrificial Altar west of Billings Homestead

Former cultist sites

These former Cult of the Mothman camps are great for those who want to delve further into the lore of Fallout 76.

  • Big Maw
  • Helvetia
  • Landview Lighthouse
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Cultists can also be encountered during The Mothman Equinox seasonal event, which pits the cult’s two sects against each other. Daily Ops – Cultist will pit you against a variety of members, including the Cultist Prophet, who you can only encounter during Daily Ops or The Mothman Equinox.

Those are all the places where you can find dead and alive cultists. Need help finding something else Fall Out 76? Check out ours guide vault for more advice and information.

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