Fallout 76 Honey Beast Locations and How to Kill Them

For those who like to hunt all kinds of creatures Fallout 76‘S Appalachia, the Honey Beast is a particularly tough target. A large mutant bee that spits out swarms of bees, only spawns in a few places, and is difficult to defeat. Here are the locations where they can spawn.

Where to find honey beasts

As with other RNG spawns, if you don’t find Honey Beasts in either of these locations, exit the world and switch to the server until they spawn.

  • Cave northeast of Freddy Fear’s House of Scares
  • Seneca Rocks Visitor Center
  • Medium mountain huts
  • Garden area between Whitespring Resort and Whitspring Golf Club
  • treetop

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There are a few events in Fallout 76 where Honey Beasts can spawn.

  • The seasonal Carnival Day in Switzerland
  • irrational fear in the swamp
  • project paradise in the Artkos Pharma Biome Lab
  • Seasonal Prime cuts case
  • Enclave Event: A real cracker
  • Burned earth in cranberry bog

Honey Beast weakness

Honeybeasts are tough, but they move slowly and this can be used to your advantage. While they’re vulnerable to both cryogenic and fire damage, you can focus on the mob’s head for extra damage. It will take time, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble as long as you keep your distance.

Honeybeast Drops

All Honey Beasts, regardless of variant, have the following items as drops.

  • language pack
  • Honey
  • honeycomb
  • scrap gold
  • Excess glue
  • Royal jelly

When the glowing variant is encountered, it will also drop glowing blood, glowing flesh, and nuclear waste.

If you have a Honey Beast weekly or daily challenge you want to complete, or you just need some royal jelly, it’s here. Check out our others Fallout 76 Leader for further advice and help.

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