Fallout 76: How to Get Pumpkin Pie

Fallout 76 Pumpkin Pie is a quintessential fall dessert that can be found or made anytime if you know where to find it or the recipe. The dish appears in some of the game’s daily and weekly challenges, so there’s no doubt about hunting it down once you’ve found your way to this guide. Here’s what you need to know.

Fallout 76 Pumpkin Pie locations

If you have a quick daily finish or don’t want to go through the hassle of tracking down all the ingredients to make pumpkin pie, there are a few places you can find the dessert in the Appalachia Badlands.

  • pumpkin house kitchen
  • Medium mountain huts
  • Trailer south east of Bolton Greens
  • Cabins by the lake
  • Lewis & Sons Farming Supply at Putnam Residence
  • sunrise field
  • Whitespring Golf Club
  • Grafton Steel Underground behind a locked door
  • Pleasant valley huts

You may also be able to purchase it from:

  • Fine Dining Vendor at Whitespring Resort
  • Mr. Waiter in the dining room at the Whitespring Resort
  • Yasmin Chowdhury

How to get the Pumpkin Pie Recipe

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If you’d rather make your own pumpkin pie Fallout 76, you must first find the recipe. It may be found in the Pumpkin House in the Savage Divide. The recipe is on the counter by the sink.

You can also track Yasmin Chowdhury, the traveling cooking merchant who sells it. You can also get this recipe by buying it from another player or get it as a random reward for completing daily/weekly challenges and events in the Forest or Toxic Valley.

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pumpkin pie ingredients

Here’s what you need to make pumpkin pie at a cooking station.

  • Boiled water x2
  • Mirelurk Egg x1
  • Pumpkin x1
  • sugar x1
  • wood x1

That’s all the places where you can find Pumpkin Pie, its recipe, and everything you need to cook the dish Fallout 76. Check out ours guides vault for other receptors, event help and more.

Featured image via Bethesda.

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