Fallout 76: How to Get Rare Plans in Mutation Invasion

There are no best locations for rare plans in Fallout 76 during the mutation invasion. Instead, Rare Blueprints will be removed from Mutant Packs and Mutant Party Packs as Mutated Events complete. Here’s how to get rare blueprints during the Mutation Invasion event Fallout 76.

How to get rare plans in Mutation Invasion

Mutated Events

To get plans, open Mutant Packages or Mutant Party Packages. These will be rewarded upon completion Mutated Events, which are more difficult than normal events and only take place on the hour. While not the fastest way to get rare blueprintsmake sure you participate in mutated events as often as possible when you play.

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Easier mutated events

While mutant events are meant to be more difficult than their regular counterparts, some of the events are easier than the others.

  • master bearing
  • Test your metal
  • Swarm of suitors

Each event has its own possible mutations that can be selected. Before you join the event, you can see which mutation is active. While you’ll want to participate in as many mutant events as possible, if there’s a mutation you’re not comfortable with that’s included, you might want to skip it, especially if you’re attending alone and only see a few other people there are case.

None of the above events, as well as a few others, do not have the new Reflective Skin mutation. When enemies start glowing, the mutation is active and some of the damage dealt is sent back to you. Dealing high damage in a short amount of time can end up killing yourself if the mutation is active. This makes any event with reflective skin and swarms of enemies harder to complete while waiting out the mutation. One way to bypass this mutation is to use explosive weapons, since the damage will not be returned.

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event groups

To ensure you complete an event and get the most out of it, you should join an event group. Depending on the number of people in the party and their “bond”, your XP will increase by at least 25%. You have at least 3 other participants in the event. If you are lucky these 3 could all be Fallout 1st members giving you the Mutant Party Pack as a reward instead of the Mutant Pack. The Mutant Party Pack double the probability of rare plans dropping when you open them.

Perks and food buffs

If you’re a lone wolf, consider swapping out your mutant event perk cards. Running Born Survivor, which automatically administers Stimpaks, Ricochet, or Life Giver, will help you stay alive no matter what mutations you face.

Food buffs that increase max HP, regenerate HP, or inflict resistance to damage are beneficial. Prepare tato salad or mud bean puree to give you a boost. Chems like Med-X or Overdrive are also helpful if you have them in stock.

Playing through the Mutated Events is the only way to get the Mutated Package reward, which offers rare blueprints as well as Mutated Event weapons. Buffing yourself up and changing your Perk Cards can give you the competitive edge you need while staying alive. Check out ours Fallout 76 Leader for more help on the game.

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