Fallout 76: Season 12 Lite Ally Steven Scarberry Details

As with previous seasons, Season 12 in Fallout 76 introduces us to a new ally. Steven Scarberry can be unlocked at slot 35 on the scoreboard. He brings with him some Mothman cult and lots of goodies for sale, and will also be available for gold bars later in the season.

Steven Scarberry Lore and Recruitment

Brother Steven “Stevie” Scarberry is a member of the “Followers of the Winged One” who worship the red-eyed Mothman. In order for Stevie to appear in your CAMP, you must place Scarberry’s Shrine.

He mentions that he met Indrid Cold, The smiling man. His story is also filled with the Mothman since his parents were most likely killed by the cryptid. Baby Stevie was found among mothman eggs by cultists who took him in.

Its name seems to come from a mix of the two couples who originally met the Mothman in 1966, Linda and Roger Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette.

While he doesn’t mention a relationship, he does have all issues of Tales from the West Virginia Hills having Mary Scarberry and her parents as characters in Issue #2 – The Mothman Cometh.

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Steven Scarberry Buffs

As with other allies, Steven will give you a buff when you are well rested and interacting in your CAMP

  • 5% XP for 60 mins
  • 5% XP for 3 hours when well rested

Steven Scarberry Merchant Items

Here’s what Steven will sell you:

Weapons – not legendary

  • Cultist’s Dagger
  • Cultist’s Blade
  • pitchfork
  • Gatling gun


  • ritual bond
  • ritual mask
  • pastor’s robe
  • Wooden Armor – Not Legendary
  • Leather Armor – Not Legendary
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  • Tales from the West Virginia Hills 1-5


  • Plan: Pitchfork
  • Plan: Different lights
  • Schematic: arms, legs made of heavy leather
  • Plan: Heavy leather torso
  • Plan: Medium leather arms, legs
  • Plan: Medium leather torso
  • Plan: Shadow Leather Arm Mod
  • Plan: Shadow Leather Leg Mod
  • Plan: Shaded Leather Torso Mod
  • Plan: Pocket Leather Limbs Mod
  • Plan: leather torso with pockets mod
  • Plan: Deep Pocketed Leather Limb Mod
  • Plan: leather torso with deep pockets mod
  • Plan: Ultralight Leather Link Mod
  • Plan: Ultralight Leather Torso Mod
  • Plan: Reinforced leather link mod
  • Plan: Padded leather leg mod
  • Plan: Dense leather torso mod
  • Plan: BioCommMesh Leather Torso Mod
  • Plan: Leather torso lined with lead mod
  • Plan: Cultist Blade
  • Plan: Cultist Dagger
  • Plan: Gatling gun


  • Bulk Bone Scrap
  • mass screws
  • bulk wood scrap
  • Grafton Monster Tar
  • thorax
  • Sheepsquatch Big Horn
  • skull
  • Snallygaster Hide
  • spinal bones
  • Wendigo Teeth

That’s all we currently know about Brother Steven Scarberry, Season 12’s lightweight ally. Need more guidance? Check out ours Fallout 76 vault for help.

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