Fallout 76: Where to Farm Floaters

Fallout 76 Floaters are the result of FEV experiments on flatworms by West Tek. Beloved by super mutants, they are often seen together, with floaters behaving almost like pets. These newer enemies are part of the daily or weekly challenges, and since they drop various explosives when killed, they’re valuable enough to farm.

Floaters come in three flavors: Floater Gnasher, Floater Freezer, and Floater Flamer. As the names suggest, they have elementary equivalents:

  • Crunch = acid.
  • Freezers = cryo.
  • Flamer = fire.

Fallout 76 Floaters usually appear in groups of three, with one of each variety present.

Swimmers also burrow underground and ambush their prey. If you don’t see them at first, pay attention bright red, green, or blue spots on the floor with matching bills coming out.

Farm floaters in Fallout 76

There are a few places that have more than four to six floaters spawning at a time, numbers that make them easy to farm.

  • Big Maw
  • Lake Eloise
  • Old mold break
  • Solomon’s Pool
  • Spruce knob channels

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Other floater spawn locations

Floaters appear in the following locations, but not in greater numbers than the areas listed above.

  • Beloved Sister’s Laboratory
  • Nicholson’s end
  • Red Rocket gas station
  • Grafton
  • Close to Hornwright Air Purifier Site 03 and The Sludge Works
  • Big B rest stop
  • Safe and clean disposal
  • East Regional Prison Cell Block D

Once you’ve killed the floaters in the better farm locations, you can either hop off the server or go to those smaller areas. Jumping from area to area can also reset the spawns at the big farm locations.

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These are the best farm locations for floaters in Appalachia. For more Fallout 76 Instructions, check out ours game vault.

Featured image via Bethesda.

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