Fallout 76: Where to Find Mirelurk Eggs

Farming Mirelurk Eggs can be a lucrative pastime Fallout 76. They are used in several recipes, daily quests and as the object of challenges, finding these eggs will give you access to many things, some of which are very important! If you’re wondering how to find Mirelurk Egges, here are the best locations for those who need to look down Fallout 76.

Mirelurk Egg Breeding Locations

While it’s possible to come across a few Mirelurk Eggs near water, the locations listed below have multiple nests, making them good for breeding large numbers of eggs:

  • The river banks north and south of Ohio River Adventures
  • Around Highland March
  • Inside Grafton Dam Tube
  • Between 1 and 3 Mirelurk Eggs can also be rewarded for completing Swarm of suitors case

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When harvesting Mirelurk Eggs, it is important to note that some eggs will hatch into Mirelurk Hatchlings and attack you. They are easy to defeat, although in this case you can only harvest 2-3 eggs per nest.

Be aware that Mirelurks are lurking near the nesting sites and will attack you as well.

Mirelurk Eggs can sometimes be purchased from merchants and vendors, or found in fridges and blue fridges, so always check supplies and poke around these locations.

What can you do with Mirelurk Eggs?

If you’re collecting the Mirelurk Eggs for a challenge, you might be wondering what you can do with them. You can eat them raw, but there are several recipes that include mirelurk eggs as an ingredient:

  • Aged Mirelurk Queen Steak
  • Corn Pone
  • Mirelurk Cake
  • Mirelurk Egg Omelet
  • mud cookies
  • pumpkin pie
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Besides cooking food, you can complete the daily quest below Ohio River Adventures by giving 15 Mirelurk Eggs to Blackeye. This is only available once you have completed the quest Peculiar bedfellows and increase your reputation with the raiders. Otherwise, they will still be hostile towards you. Completing this daily quest will also give you a reputation boost.

That’s all of the locations where you can find Mirelurk Eggs, as well as cooking recipes and the Blackeye daily quests that use them. For more help in Fallout 76, Check out our instructions page.

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