Fallout 76: Where to Find Rabbits

Rabbits roam some areas of the Appalachian wasteland Fallout 76but if you want to farm them, you should be guided by their specific locations. Some recipes feature Rabbit Leg, there are bunny-hunting challenges, and there’s a new Caged Rabbit item in the Atomic Shop. If you are wondering where to find bunnies Fallout 76the following guide contains everything you need to know.

Can you tame rabbits in Fallout 76?

If you are wondering if you can tame rabbits Fallout 76the answer to this question is: No: Currently there is no way to catch and tame rabbits in the game.

Fallout 76 rabbit farms

Rabbits are small, pale animals, not to be confused with squirrels. They don’t attack and can be appeased with the Animal Lover Perk. Once killed, they will drop Guts, Rabbit Leg, and Rabbit Skin. Guts are used to make Mystery Meat Pie and Fasnacht Sausage. Rabbit legs are used to make Seasoned Rabbit Skewers.

Rabbits are typically found in the less industrialized areas of the Wasteland. While you can occasionally find some while hiking, there are a few specific locations in Appalachia where you can find live rabbits to farm:

  • The hill near the Whitespring Service Entrance
  • Between Wendigo Cave And Central Viewpoint
  • Rabbits may spawn during Carnival Day events Helvetia
  • May spawn during the seasonal event, Grahm’s meat chef

If all you need is some rabbit legs, you’re good to go Rollins labor camp and check the outdoor kitchen to find three dead rabbits.

Screenshot of GameSkinny.

How to get the Atomic Shop Caged Rabbit

The only way to get the Atomic Shop Caged Rabbit is through the Helvetia Bundle. Note that you cannot have the chicken coop and the caged rabbit in your CAMP at the same time. When placed, the rabbit in the cage will produce fertilizer every hour of the game.

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And that’s where you’ll find rabbits and how to get the Atomic Shop Caged Rabbit inside Fo76. For more help with challenges, daily tasks or other quests, check out our Fallout 76 Leader.

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