Fallout 76: Where to Find Radscorpions and How to Kill Them

Wheel scorpions are the radiated, giant brethren of modern scorpions in Fallout 76. Armed with giant pincers and a poisonous spike to match, many wanderers have fallen to their deaths from these mutant creatures. For those who want to brave Appalachia to hunt them down, you’ll find Radscorpions here Fallout 76 and how to kill them.

Radscorpion Locations

Since radscorpions are spawned creatures, there are only a few locations in the Wasteland where they always spawn. They typically appear in groups of four or more, so be prepared before setting off.

  • Smith farm
  • Carleton mine (before and after Cheating Death quest)

Radscorpions can also spawn in the following areas:

  • Medium mountain huts
  • The freak show
  • Graninger Hof
  • top of the world base
  • The garden area between the Whitespring Resort and the Whitespring Golf Club
  • Kiddie corner booths
  • New Appalachian Central Trainyard

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How to Kill Radscorpions

Radscoripons have high defenses with their natural armor. They can be difficult to target due to their high mobility. Radscorpions can not only travel in groups, but also tunnel underground and ambush you from below. So how do you kill one?

You should use some form of armor-piercing bullets, such as B. the tank killer perk. Fast reloading, fast firing, and long ranges help keep you off your target while still dealing damage.

Head to a high, safe place off the ground where you can be ambushed and boost your stats with medicine, food, and drink. damage over time, such as B. Fire can also help, as can debuffing with a splash.

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Radscorpion prey drops

  • Radscorpion meat
  • Radscorpion Stinger

Glowing Radscorpion drops

  • Glowing Blood
  • Glowing Flesh
  • core material

There you can find Radscorpions, how to kill them and what loot you can get. For more creature locations or quest guides, check out our others Fallout 76 Leader.

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