FFXIV Hatching-tide 2023: How to Get the Tonberry Glamour

The topic of 2023 breeding tide in Final Fantasy XIV this year is tonberry, and you may be wondering how to get the tonberry glamour. Of course, this isn’t the only item available at the event Scare Emote another popular addition. Nevertheless, we are here to talk about the robe and the lantern set, the steps you must take to get it.

How to unlock the Tonberry Glamor in FFXIV

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After completing the Go Ahead and Play Knife quest, you will receive a quest called Chaos, Carnage, Eggs. This quest requires you to participate in a FATE called Don’t Be Sylphic. Then you can repeat DESTINY as many times as needed to collect special Midnight Archon Eggs, the currency for the seasonal trader during the breeding season.

The FATE requires you to turn in Archon Eggs to Hamlyn, and after the FATE is complete, you will be rewarded with a set of special Midnight Archon Eggs based on how many Archon Eggs you have converted into Hamlyn.

  • 10+ Archon Eggs = 10 special Midnight Archon Eggs
  • 5-9 Archon Eggs = 5 special Midnight Archon Eggs
  • 1-4 Archon Eggs = 3 special Midnight Archon Eggs

It can be the Tonberry Glamor Bought from Dreamer, disguised as Tonberry, standing in Mih Khetto’s amphitheater. It costs 10 Special Midnight Archon Eggs.

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From here you can continue your journey as a warrior of light disguised as Tonberry. Picking up the glamor really is that easy. You can find more content in our FFXIV guide hub for information about Magnificent fishing spots or Unlock Loporrit’s Beast Tribe Tasks.

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