FFXIV: How to Unlock Loporrits Beast Tribe

After a long wait since the launch of endwalker, Final Fantasy XIV can now finally win favor with the fan favorites of Lorporrit. When you’re in endgame, unlocking Loporrits is a breeze, provided you’ve kept a DoH level and ready to use.

How to unlock Loporrit’s Beast Tribe in Final Fantasy XIV

Before you can unlock the Loporrit Beast Tribe quests you must meet the following conditions:

  • Complete the Endwalker main scenario question.
  • Have a Disciple of the Hand job at level 80 or higher.
  • Complete the “Name That Way” questline in Mare Lamentorum.

Once you meet these three requirements, head to Old Sharlayan. Near the Aetheryte, you’ll see Dreamingway with a quest called “Must Be Dreaming(way)” that you can only accept as a Disciple of the Hand at level 80 or higher.

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From here, Dreamingway will ask you to speak to them in Bestways Burrows. After a short series of quests to learn more about the Loporrits’ current plight and the solution to Dreamingway, you’ll help transform a storeroom into a place where dreams come true.

The latest patch brought new content for players to explore. But for those who have not yet completed the content of previous patches, you can check out ours Final Fantasy XIV Leader for the Rubicante process or how do you get flu for crafting.

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