First Look At Life By You — A Sims-Like Life Simulator by Paradox

Life simulation gamers rejoice, a new title is coming your way. Today, March 6th, 2023, Paradox announced that a new life simulator game, life through you, is being developed with Rod Humble. Rod Humble is the former sims studio management and gave his new project a solid foundation.

The game was teased today at the Paradox Announcement Show presented by Xbox. The game’s feature clip reveals features like cars and house-building mechanics that are instantly recognizable The Sims Player. You can also see two of the characters snuggle up with hearts flying around, giving you the impression that there will be romantic options familiar to fans of the genre.

It seems like, life through you could be the first real competition for The Sims franchise. It will interesting to see if the game will allow mods, a feature that has been there The Sims a long-standing fan presence.

Another comparison that’s hard to resist is how much content the game comes with at launch. The brief glimpse of cars in the clip could indicate that they plan to include more than Humble’s previous work as cars are bought via DLC The Sims. When it comes to getting players to switch life through youthis will no doubt be a strong selling point.

We look forward to the full reveal scheduled for March 20th, 2023 and will update you with everything there is to know life through you

Screenshot of feature photo via Paradox’s YouTube channel

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