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Fourteen daysThe Find the Force event brought a lot War of stars-Battle Royale themed content to celebrate Star Wars Day. There are plenty of rewards up for grabs through May 23, including skins. One of them is the Darth Maul skin and you need to complete Find the Force quests to get it. Here’s what you need to do for each of the challenges and what you get for completing those challenges.

Complete list of Find the Force Quest challenges

I’ve found that most event quests are completed naturally through simple play Fourteen days, but some can be a little harder to find. If you want to see the location of an event quest, you can go to your in-match menu and go to the quests tab.

When you select a mission from the Find the Force list, the assigned location (if any) is displayed on the mini-map to the right. You can also view your progress by tracking one mission at a time.

Completing the Find the Power quests will reward you with either 200 or 250 Galactic Reputation, which you can spend on things like Star Wars emotes, sprays, outfits, or tokens. 11,000 GR you can add the Darth Maul skin to your collection.

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Fortnite Find the Force Event Republic Loot Chest
Screenshot of GameSkinny

The power in the challenges

  • Land 5 times during the Find the Force event
  • Learn Force skills on Rift Gates in 3 different games
  • Search a Republic Loot Chest
  • Hire a character during a game
  • Damage an enemy player who is wielding a lightsaber or DC-15 blaster
  • Destroy 50 objects with Force abilities or a Star Wars event weapon
  • Collect 250 ammo in named locations
  • Launch 2 Kinetic Ore with a Star Wars event weapon
  • Walk 500m at night
  • Drive back 1138 m with a vehicle
  • Survive 25 storm phases, outlast 250 opponents and win a Victory Royale.
  • Run 1,000m sprint, 327m slide and 2,500m walk.
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Fortnite Find the Force Event Clone Trooper Checkpoint
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Began the Clone Wars Have quests

  • Visit 3 Clone Trooper checkpoints
  • Get a DC-15 blaster in 3 different games
  • Massive jump on or off a grind rail
  • Drive 200 m on a grind rail
  • Complete or dodge 2 bounties
  • Get 30 seconds total airtime in a vehicle
  • Use a Force ability against a vehicle
  • Knock down a wooden pine with the Force ability or a lightsaber
  • Visit 9 different named locations
  • Deal 500 damage to enemy players with a DC-15 blaster or an assault rifle (Level 1 of 3)
  • Use Force abilities against opponents 5 times (Level 1 of 3)

fall of the republic

Available May 12, 9am EST

The First Galactic

Available May 17, 9am EST

That’s all current Find the Force event quests. We will update this page as more are released. So be sure to bookmark it. In the meantime, here’s how to get that Anakin Skywalker skin and the Padme Amidala skin. See our other for more information Fourteen days instructions here.

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