Fortnite: How to Complete Week 4 Quests in Season 2 of Chapter 4

Fourteen days Week 4 challenges for Season 2 Chapter 4 are entertaining ourselves with some great quests and tons of loot. We love weekly quests because they give you an XP boost to your Battle Pass and ways to stay frosty when it feels like there’s no enemy in sight. Here’s everything you need to know to complete the Week 4 challenges.

Fortnite Week 4 Quests: Season 2 Chapter 4

  • Damage players with a shotgun from 10 yards or less (12,000 XP)
    • This challenge requires you to deal 300 total damage to enemies within 10 yards or less. Know how Fourteen days Gunfights work, you’ll likely complete this quest quickly and with minimal effort.
  • Destroy objects and structures on a grind rail (12,000 XP)
    • This week 4 challenge requires you to travel to Mega City. You’ll spot Grind Rails throughout the region, and you’ll need to drive one around while shooting nearby objects or structures, destroying 25 in total.
  • Help defeat a high card boss (12.000 XP)
    • You need to defeat a high card boss alone or as a team for this one. If you stay until the finale, the Highcard boss will drop a Vault Keycard for another quest this week. You can find high card bosses in Mega City, Shattered Slabs, and Brutal Bastion.
  • Jump off a hoop, lily pad, and air vent (12,000 XP)
    • All you have to do for this week 4 challenge is jump onto the surface of each object to get the jump required to complete the quest. water lilies are located in Steam Springs. Tires are located at the racetrack north of Mega City. fans are located on buildings in Mega City
  • Open a vault with a vault keycard (24,000 XP)
    • Use the Vault Keycard from a Highcard boss to complete this quest. You can defeat one or loot the keycard from another player. Once you have one, go to one of the vaults on the island. Simply interact with the vault door and you’ll gain access to tons of amazing loot while also completing this quest.
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That’s it for the conclusion of week 4 Fourteen days Challenges in Season 2 Chapter 4. New challenges will be released every Tuesday at 9:00am EST/6:00am PST. So stay tuned for more guides spring outbreak.

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