Fortnite: How to Fix Error Code 91

If you tried loading into the lobby Fourteen days but couldn’t connect due to error code 91, you’re not the only one. Players had problems joining games and even got banned from them because of it. Here is what can be done to fix error 91.

What is error code 91?

Error Code 91 deals with server connection issues and has been popping up for years, booting unsuspecting players out of games and locking them out of lobbies. Another possible cause of error code 91 can be corrupted game files, although it is more likely that the servers are the culprit.

Is there a solution for error code 91?

In some cases, there isn’t much to do about the server issues that lead to Error 91. Sometimes it’s your side, sometimes it’s Epic. Try the fixes below, starting with checking the server status.

  • Check server status: Checking if the servers are down for maintenance is a good place to start for any connectivity issues. Go to Epic Games public status page to check.
  • Check game files: To ensure none of the files have been corrupted, go to the Settings menu in the launcher and then select Verify.
  • Restart the game: This sometimes magically fixes all problems.
  • Turn on Crossplay: You may exit a lobby due to a lack of players on your chosen console. Go to the in-game settings menu to enable crossplay in the game Privacy tab.
  • Turn off NAT: Network Address Translation can be enabled if you want stricter data sharing. Turn this off in your computer Network and sharing center.
  • Reinstall Fortnite: Not ideal, but reinstalling can fix error code 91.
  • Present a card: If all else fails, submit an official support ticket to Epic Games Support via the Fourteen days support page.
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Trying these different methods can get you loaded into a game faster than repeatedly joining a lobby. If none of them work for you, you’ll have to wait for Epic Games to clean up the current error code 91 trigger. If you encounter other errors or other problems, check out ours Fourteen days leads hub.

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