Forza Horizon 5 Rally DLC Apex Predators Challenges Guide

The Apex Predators are one of the teams you can join ForzaHorizon 5 Rally Adventure. While still driving through the Sierra Nueva countryside, you do so on paved roads, which is very different from the classic rally experience. Here’s how to complete her challenges as well as Alejandra’s reputation challenges.

How to complete the Apex Predators challenges in Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure

Similar to other teams – like the horizon raptors – The ForzaHorizon 5 Apex Predators Challenges follow a level-based progression system. Each activity you complete adds reputation points, further increasing your level to unlock additional challenges.

The end goal is to reach Tier 8 and win eight races, which will allow you to face the team leader Alejandra in the Apex Run race.

General racing tips for predator challenges

Here’s the gist when it comes to the Apex Predators Challenges:

  • main activities: Rally or race on asphalt tracks
    • rallies are solo time trials where you have to set a decent time for each split gate/checkpoint.
    • Run are the traditional competition against other drivers.
      • Each track has a pro challenge that requires you to win the event and will reward you with some goodies on top of the reputation points. This will also complete the Rookie Challenges which are only for completion/participation.
  • sideline activities:
    • Apex Predators boards: These are blue panels marked on the map. As you level up, more board icons appear.
    • speed traps: Reach high speed driving through cameras on the road.
    • speed zones: Maintain a high speed from the beginning of a section to the end.
    • Point A to Point B: Go from one place to another within the time limit.

Apex Predator’s Challenge List

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There are 9 challenge levels for Apex Predators, with a champion race against Alejandra at the end. We’ve listed all the challenges and their rewards below.

Tier 1 Challenges

  • Devil Pass Pro – Wheel spin.
  • Devil’s Pass Rookie — Will be filled in automatically if you win the event.

Tier 2 Challenges

  • The forest professional — Apex Predators helmet.
  • Team Bonus Boon — Smash your first Apex Predator board; Obtain the chopper car horn.
  • The Beginner’s Forest — Will be filled in automatically if you win the event.
  • Powerful speed trap waterfall – Earn 1 star.
  • dig deep — Drive from Horizon Badlands Outpost to Orogranded Quarry in 40 seconds.
  • deep flush — Snap a photo of the #4 Ford Focus RS at the Cascada Fuerte waterfall.
    • The waterfall is in the northern part of the map. You can see it in the picture below.

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Tier 3 Challenges

  • Quarry Trail Pro — Apex Predators race suit.
  • Tres Colinas speed zone – Earn 1 star; rewards a wheelspin.
  • Quarry Trail Rookie — Will be filled in automatically if you win the event.
  • All I need is S2 — Win Quarry Trail in any S2 class car.
  • Canyon Rush Novice – Earn 1 star.
  • foot down — Get three speed skills in any Apex Predator event.

Tier 4 Challenges

  • Arzate Sprint Pro — Apex Predators cargo pants.
  • Northeast Recce — Drive from Valle de Pozas to La Presa Dam in less than 50 seconds; also rewards you with the carbon fiber helmet.
  • Arzate Spint Rookie — Will be filled in automatically if you win the event.
  • Arzate sprint champion — Drive any A class vehicle and complete the Arzate Sprint in less than 3:20.
  • The Novice Quarry – Earn 1 star.
  • i am speed — Achieve two speed skills in under 45 seconds with the #4 Ford Focus RS.
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Tier 5 Challenges

  • The Narrows pro – 2021 RJ Anderson #37 Polaris RZR Pro 4 Truck.
  • A new way of marketing — Smash 20 Apex Predator Boards; also brings you the Apex Predators Crew Shirt.
  • The Narrows rookie — Will be filled in automatically if you win the event.
  • let it be – Complete The Narrows in under 3:20 while driving a B-class vehicle.
  • Speed ​​zone with reservoir view – Earn 1 star.
  • star map — Earn 6 stars in all Speed ​​Traps.

Tier 6 Challenges

  • The quarry professional – Apex Predators mechanic suit.
  • flash drive — Earn 1 star on Cascada Fuerte and Canyon Rush within a minute; rewards the drum horn.
  • The Rookie Quarry — Will be filled in automatically if you win the event.
  • S1 predator — Win two Apex Predators events in any S1 Class Rally Monster.
  • Full throttle 2.0 — Maintain a speed of 161 km/h for 10 seconds in an Apex Predators race.
  • Devil’s Pass speed zone — Earn 2 stars.

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Level 7 Challenges

  • Canyon Trail Pro — Desert tweed scarf.
  • zone away — Accumulate a total of 1,609.3 km/h in all speed zones; rewards a wheelspin.
  • Canyon trail newbie — Will be filled in automatically if you win the event.
  • Craters Secos speed zone — Earn 2 stars.
  • Dune escarpada expert — Earn 2 stars.
  • All zones up — Earn 10 stars in all speed zones.

Level 8 Challenges

  • Montana Pro Trail — Apex Predators Modern Helm.
  • Apex Predator in the making — Win three Apex Predator events on High Skill difficulty or harder; rewards a Super Wheelspin.
  • Montana Rookie Trail — Will be filled in automatically if you win the event.
  • Greenland’s speed zone — Earn 2 stars.
  • double speed — Earn 1 star in Devil’s Pass and Crateres Secos speed zones within 3:30.
  • Fast, but not last — Achieve a total speed of 1,500 mph/2414 km/h in all Speed ​​Traps.

Level 9 Challenges

  • The Apex Run Pro — This is the champion race (more on that below); rewards you with the 2019 Jimco #240 Fastball Racing Spec Trophy Truck.
  • Apex Predators Legend — Complete all other Apex Predators challenges; rewards a Super Wheelspin.
  • They literally destroyed — Smash all 30 Apex Predators boards.
  • Apex Predators Race Champion — Win all race events.
  • Apex Predators Rally Champion — Win all rally events.
  • A quick blur — Earn 3 stars in all Speed ​​Zones and Speed ​​Traps.

Champion Race: Apex Run – Alejandra’s challenge

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Once you’ve reached reputation level 8 and won eight races, you can attempt the last one ForzaHorizon 5 Apex Predators destination where you complete Alejandra’s reputation challenge.

Alejandra’s Reputation Challenge is a single race. You drive the RJ Anderson Polaris RZR Pro 4 Truck against their Jimco Fastball Racing Spec Trophy Truck. Strangely she is at a disadvantage as the truck is slower. However, if you are having a difficult time, you can lower the difficulty further.

After driving past fields and hills, you’ve made it ForzaHorizon 5 Apex Predators Challenge and Alejandra’s Reputation Challenge. She then hands over the keys to the 2019 Jimco #240 Fastball Racing Spec Trophy Truck. In any case, there is still much more to do in the Rally Adventure DLC, so check it out our garage full of guides for additional information.

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