Forza Horizon 5 Rally DLC Grit Reapers Challenges Guide

The Grit Reapers are one of the teams you can join ForzaHorizon 5 Rally Adventure. This group offers a rather peculiar variety: mixed surface tracks and night races. Here’s how to complete their challenges as well as Rami’s reputation challenges.

How to complete the Grit Reapers challenges in Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure

Similar to other teams – like that horizon raptors And Apex predators – The ForzaHorizon 5 Grit Reapers Challenges follow a level-based progression system. Each activity you complete adds reputation points, further increasing your level to unlock additional challenges.

The end goal is to reach Tier 8 and win eight races, which will allow you to compete against the team leader Rami in the Desafio Champion Race.

General racing tips for Grit Reapers Challenges

Here’s the essentials when it comes to the Grit Reapers Challenges in Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure:

  • main activities: Rally or race on mixed track in all weather conditions and at night:
    • rallies are solo time trials where you have to set a decent time for each split gate/checkpoint.
    • Run are the traditional competition against other drivers.
      • Each track has a pro challenge that requires you to win the event and will reward you with some goodies on top of the reputation points. This will also complete the Rookie Challenges which are only for completion/participation.
      • Because of the mixed-surface tracks, you’ll need rally suspension, off-road tire compounds, and an AWD drivetrain.
      • Weather will also play a crucial role here, with rain-swept roads causing cars to slide off the track unless they’re prepared for rough terrain.
  • sideline activities:
    • Grit Reaper crates: These are small boxes with purple borders.
    • drift zones: Get a score by drifting through specific areas. The Hoonigan and Formula Drift vehicles would serve you well here.
    • Point A to Point B: Go from one place to another within the time limit.

Grit Reaper’s Challenge List

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There are 9 challenge levels for Grit Reapers, with a champion race against Rami at the end. We’ve listed all the challenges and their rewards below.

Tier 1 Challenges

  • Reed Pro Reserve: #2 Audi Sport Quattro S1. This is not one of the newly added cars ForzaHorizon 5 Rally adventure as a reward for a previous festival season.
  • Reed Rookie Reserve: Will be filled in automatically if you win the event.

Tier 2 Challenges

  • Orogrande Pro: Grit Reapers crew top.
  • Lights out: Smash a Grit Reapers crate; rewards you with the Grit Reapers Helmet.
  • Orogrande Newcomer: Will be filled in automatically if you win the event.
  • Rally photography: Take a promotional shot of the #2 Audi Sport Quattro S1 (no specific location required).
  • Bye cacti: Smash 20 cacti.
  • Drift Zone Tres Colinas: Earn a star.

Tier 3 Challenges

  • Earth Greens Pro: Grit Reaper’s racing suit.
  • Devil’s Pass drift zone: Earn a star; get a wheelspin.
  • Beginner Green Lands: Will be completed automatically if you win the event.
  • Do not stop: Maintain a speed of 100 mph for 10 seconds in any Grit Reapers race.
  • Ride in style: Earn 10 Drift Skills or E-Drift Skills during a Grit Reapers event.
  • I said night: Smash 20 Grit Reapers crates.

Tier 4 Challenges

  • Jewel Brown Pro: Grit Reaper’s Modern Helmet.
  • Southeast Recce: Drive from Horizon Badlands Festival Outpost to La Presa Dam in any Modern Rally car in less than 2:00; rewards you with the Mic car horn.
  • Jewel brown beginner: Will be completed automatically if you win the event.
  • Rally Reaper: Win two Grit Reapers events in any Rally Monster.
  • Reconnaissance complete: Discover all the roads in the Sierra Nueva region.
  • Canyon sweep drift zone: Deserve a star.

Tier 5 Challenges

  • Crater Secos Pro: 2020 Jimco No. 179 Hammerhead Class 1.
  • Has anyone ordered a warthog?: Get three Air Skills during an event while driving the M12S Warthog CST; rewards you with a wheelspin.
    • This is the iconic warthog from the gloriole games. You can buy it at the dealership for 850,000 credits.
  • Dry bowls rookie: Will be completed automatically if you win the event.
  • Craters Secos Challenge: Set a time of 3:00 in any Unlimited Offroad Vehicle.
    • Since the Warthog is classified as an Unlimited Offroad Vehicle, you can complete this task along with several others in one go.
  • car wash: Ride from the bike path to the Cascada Fuerte waterfall in 3:00 am.
  • Retro, meet retro: Take a promotional photo of a retro rally car in front of the cave paintings.
    • The cave paintings are located in the western part of the map near the Devil’s Pass Drift Zone. You can see it in the picture below.
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Tier 6 Challenges

  • Valle de Pozas Pro: Flash Desert Scarf.
  • Modern solutions: Win two Grit Reapers events in any Modern Rally car; rewards the rhythm guitar car horn.
  • Valley of Pozas Rookie: Will be completed automatically if you win the event.
  • night watch: Smash 30 Grit Reapers crates.
  • Tierras Verdes Drift Zone: Deserve two stars.
  • drift dual: Earn a star in Tierras Verdes and Canyon Swift drift zones within 3:00.

Level 7 Challenges

  • Palm Forest Pro: Reapers Cargo Pants.
  • drifting away: Earn 10 stars in drift zones; get a wheelspin.
  • Palm Forest newcomer: Will be completed automatically if you win the event.
  • Fast: Maintain a speed of 100 mph for 10 seconds in any Grit Reapers race.
  • Joya Marron drift zone: Deserve two stars.
  • Drift Champion: Collect a total of 800,000 points in Drift Zones.

Level 8 Challenges

  • Switchback Run Pro: Grit Reaper’s mechanic suit.
  • A highly skilled Grit Reaper: Win three Grit Reapers events on High Skill difficulty or harder; Get a Super Wheelspin.
  • Switchback run rookie: Will be completed automatically if you win the event.
  • Speedeasy: Reach 10 speed skills in Grit Reapers events.
  • Absolutely stunning: Smash 100 Grit Reapers crates.
  • Hold onto: Obtain two Awesome Air skills within 3:00 in a single Grit Reapers event.

Level 9 Challenges

  • Grit Reaper champion: Win the Desafio champion race (more on that below); rewards you with the 2021 Alumicraft #122 Class 1 Buggy.
  • Horizon Badlands champion: Win the Horizon Badlands Goliath (more on that below); rewards you with the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum.
  • Grit Reapers Rally Champion: Win all Grit Reapers Rally events.
  • Grit Reapers Race Champion: Win all Grit Reapers Race events.
  • Horizon Badlands Drifting Champion: Earn three stars in all of Sierra Nueva’s Drift Zones.
  • Grit Reaper legend: Complete all Grit Reapers challenges.

Desafio Champions Race and Horizon Badlands Goliath – Rami’s Challenge

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Once you’ve reached reputation level 8 and won eight races, you can attempt the last one ForzaHorizon 5 Grit Reapers objective where you complete Rami’s reputation challenge.

The Desafio is a one-on-one race pitting you against Rami driving a 2021 Alumicraft #122 Class 1 Buggy. Achieve victory and the vehicle is yours.

Assuming you’ve already beaten the other team leaders in their respective champion races, unlock the Horizon Badlands Goliath. This is technically the last race in the Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure DLC. You can use any vehicle here, but be prepared for a mixed-surface route that takes you through the entire Sierra Nueva region.

From desert sand dunes to lush fields, you can expect a race that should last around seven minutes. In any case, there is still much more to do in the Rally Adventure DLC, so check it out our garage full of guides for additional information.

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