Genshin Impact 3.7 Livestream Recap: New Events and Characters

The next update for Genshin Impact was finally revealed. Following the celebrations in Version 3.6Version 3.7 will have a strong TCG focus in its events and will feature many returning characters alongside some new ones. It’s called “Duel! Summoner’s Summit!” Here’s our livestream recap.

Version 3.7 New Events

The flagship event revolves heavily around the Genius Invocation TCG. More specifically, it’s about the King of Invocations Grand Prix, in which many memorable characters will take part. You will also meet a girl named Charlotte and help her uncover a strange case she is investigating.

It wouldn’t be a flagship event if it just focused on the story. Four new mini-games will also be available throughout Teyvat and will include a new 4-star bowgun called Go to Piercer. Here’s a breakdown of each minigame:

  • A tour full of wonders — Overcome obstacles and fight enemies in different nations
  • Call at zero hour – TCG tournament that uses preset cards to create decks
  • Mechanical painting by Evermotion — solving gear-based puzzles; an updated and returning minigame from version 2.8
  • heart of the dice – Combat paths with a random elemental cube mechanic that adds buffs.

When it comes to story quests, Yoimiya gets a new act exploring Sumeru in her Carassius Auratus chapter. A new Kaveh-themed hangout event will also be added.

Genius Invocation TCG: Radiant Secrets

Accompanying such a massive TCG-focused update is new content for the Genius Invocation TCG itself. In addition to new maps, Arena of Champions and The Forge Realm’s Temper will also feature two new modes, PvP and PvE, respectively.

Version 3.7 character banner

Image via HoYoverse YouTube

A new playable character has been introduced that was announced last month. Kirara is a 4 Star Dendro Sword User who gets higher drop rate on both banners in the first stage. As for the 5-star main characters, players have the option to catch up on replays if they wish Yoimiya And Yae Miko. The second phase will also feature returning 5-star characters Kaedehara Kazuha And Alhaitham as headliners on their respective banners.

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Genshin Impact New Character: Charlotte

Image via HoYoverse YouTube

A central character in the main event, Charlotte is a new NPC who hails from the Fontaine region. She is a journalist for a popular newspaper called The Steambird and is in the area to cover the King of Invocations Grand Prix.

Charlotte appears to be an NPC only and it is currently unknown if she will become a playable character in the future or not. Considering how important she is to the event, how overdesigned she is compared to most NPCs, and that the 4.0 update series will take place in Fontaine, this could be a case where she’s featured early before she becomes playable with the debut in the Fontaine region.

Genshin Impact 3.7 Live Stream Codes

As with any live stream, there are a number of redemption codes throughout. Be sure to enter this within the first 24 hours to receive your rewards! The codes and their rewards are as follows:

  • XT82F8JZS4TR – 100 Primogems, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 2SRKFQ2YSMVV – 100 Primogems, 5 Hero Joke
  • 5A92W9JZBLCH – 100 Primogems, 50,000 Mora

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