Genshin Impact: All Character Birthdays in Order

There are many characters to play as Genshin Impact and the number usually grows with each update. While they all have unique personalities, stories, and playstyles, they also have birthdays. What makes these special holidays even better is that you can get free items on a character’s birthday. Below we list all special dates and explain the birthday mail.

The full list of Genshin Impact birthdays

January birthdays

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  • Wanderer – January 3rd
  • Thomas – January 9th
  • Diona—January 18
  • Rosaria—January 24

February birthdays

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  • Alhaitham – February 11th
  • Beidou – February 14th
  • Sangonomiya Kokomi—February 22
  • Bennett—February 29

March birthdays

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  • Qiqi – March 3rd
  • Yaoyao – March 6th
  • Shenhe – March 10th
  • Jean—March 14
  • Noelle—March 21
  • Kamisato Ayato – March 29th

April birthdays

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  • Aloy—April 4th
  • Dehya—April 7th
  • Xiao-April 17
  • Yelan-April 20
  • Diluc – April 30th

May birthdays

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  • Candace—May 3rd
  • Collei – May 8th
  • Gorou – May 18th
  • Yun Jin – May 21st
  • Fischl – May 27th

June birthdays

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  • Arataki Itto – June 1st
  • Paimon – June 1st
  • Lisa – June 9th
  • Twenty – June 16th
  • Yoimiya – June 21st
  • Cyno – June 23rd
  • Raiden Shogun – June 26th
  • Yae Miko – June 27th

July birthdays

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  • Barbara—July 5
  • Kujou Sara—July 14
  • Hu Tao – July 15
  • Tartaglia – July 20th
  • Shikanoin Heizou – July 24th
  • Clover – July 27th
  • Kuki Shinobu – July 27th
  • Yanfei-July 28th

August birthdays

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  • Amber – August 10th
  • Micah – August 11th
  • Faruzan – August 20th
  • Ningbo-August 26
  • Mona—August 31

September birthdays

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  • Chongyun-September 7th
  • Razor – September 9th
  • Albedo – September 13th
  • Kamisato Ayaka – September 28th

October birthdays

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  • Xingqiu-October 9th
  • Xinyan—October 16
  • Sayu – October 19th
  • Eula—October 25
  • Nahida—October 27
  • Kaedehara Kazuha – October 29th
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November birthdays

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  • Xiangling-November 2nd
  • Beijing-Nov. 20
  • Sucrose – November 26th
  • Kaya – November 30th

December birthdays

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  • Ganyu – December 2nd
  • Nilou – December 3rd
  • Layla—December 19
  • Dori – December 21st
  • Tighnari – December 29th
  • Zhongli – December 31st

When is the traveler’s birthday?

The traveler has no set date of birth in Genshin Impact, as it is chosen by the player when initially customizing their profile. This selection will be displayed on the profile page and will also be the date when the development team will automatically send a unique cake item.

How to get character birthday mail in Genshin Impact? answered

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One unique aspect to keep in mind is the birthday mail that characters send to The Traveler. Unlike other mail that stays in the inbox for a while, birthday mail can only be accepted on the character’s birthday itself.

If you don’t log in and claim the rewards on the same day, they will disappear from your inbox.

In addition to a unique written letter, it also contains various attachments and their special food Article. All subsequent birthday emails contain different texts and attachments. It is not necessary to own the characters to receive birthday mail, so don’t be too surprised if you receive mail from a character you’ve never met before.

That’s all you need to know about the birthdays of characters in Genshin Impact. Feel free to bookmark this page so you know which days to sign up for each character’s birthday mail. Other tips such as how to play it on steam deckcheck out ours Genshin Impact leads hub.

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