Genshin Impact: All Version 3.6 Luxurious Chests Guide

Luxurious Chests contain tons of rewards Genshin Impact, and each version update brings with it a host of treasures to discover. This time explore more desert regions as well as a lush oasis to snag some goodies. Here is our guide to help you find all version 3.6 luxurious chests in the Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert regions of Sumeru.

Where to find all version 3.6 luxury chests in Genshin Impact?

Several luxurious version 3.6 chests in Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert can be found by casually exploring these regions. However, a few require you to advance further in the Khvarena of Good and Evil Quest only to make certain areas accessible.

Our Genshin Impact Version 3.6 Luxurious Chests Guide lists these treasures based on those that can be acquired through regular exploration and those that are part of quests.

Luxurious Chest #1: Sumeru Shrine of the Depths

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Use the above-ground teleporter just west of the Asipattravana swamp and follow the descending path that turns in a loop. Use a Shrine of the Depths Key to remove the barrier.

Luxurious Chest #2: Asipattravana Swamp Kory Drum Puzzles

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Head to the eastern part of the Asipattravana swamp. There you see three Kory Drum Puzzle Diagrams. Two can already be seen in the image above, and the third is closer to the waterfall.

Complete each Kory Drum puzzle as normal using the usual mechanics. That means hitting the drum with a normal attack if the hand has a small hole and pausing (i.e. doing nothing) for a few seconds if the hand has a larger hole. These special puzzles do not require a swoop attack.

The solutions to these puzzles are as follows:

  • Left side: Normal -> Normal -> Pause -> Normal -> Normal -> Pause -> Normal -> Normal.
  • right side: Normal -> Pause -> Normal -> Pause -> Normal -> Pause -> Normal -> Pause.
  • Back/Waterfall: Normal -> Pause -> Pause -> Normal -> Pause -> Normal -> Normal -> Pause.

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But you’re not done yet. In order to spawn this luxurious chest, you must also complete the jump challenge.

Basically, each completed Kory Drum puzzle will show a challenge marker. If you interact with it, you will see several mushroom platforms. You have to traverse the platforms based on the drum score/sequence you just made. That means:

  • Normal attack actions: These are replaced with a normal fall (i.e. you fall out of the air to land on the mushroom platform).
  • Break: The mushroom platform is completely skipped. Don’t even land on it.

You spawn a chest when you complete each challenge. Once you’ve done all three, a luxurious chest will appear in the center.

Luxurious Chest #3: Tunigi Hollow Farrwicks

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This whole quest takes place in the southern part of Tunigi Hollow. In this area you will see three Farrwicks (ie green snitches/bulbs with wings). The goal is to follow them until they reach their destination.

  • The first Farrwick (pictured above) orbits a plate. Use a Pyro character to light the four torches in a clockwise direction. Once you do that, it will move.
  • The second and third Farrwicks are further down the slope, near the Consecrated Beast.
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As each Farrwick moves, additional enemies will spawn. Just take them out to let the Farrwicks achieve their respective goals. After completing this task, you can open the luxurious chest.

Also note that there seems to be a bug where you can instantly open the luxurious chest if you just tag the first Farrwick – the one near the Pyro Torches.

Luxurious Chest #4: Coast of Samudra

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There is a small island on the north-west edge of the map. The idea is to use nearby above-ground teleporters and then follow the sloping path up the plateau.

Eventually you reach the coast and you can glide all the way to the island. You can grab the treasure once you get there.

Luxurious Chest #5: Asipattravana Swamp Purple Mist

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In the western part of Asipattravana Swamp you will find three Seelie Pedestals. However, you must start the Asipattravana story questas this allows Sorush to use her Bombing ability.

Interact with the large green onions to spawn the corrupted slimes from the purple mists. Then interact with the Nirodha fruit to give Sorush some bombs. Hover over the slimes, then drop your cargo to destroy them. This will allow you to free two of the Seelies.

For the third and final seelie, throw the Nirodha Bomb at the large amber deposit along the cliff. Once all three Seelies have reached their pedestals, you will receive your prize.

Luxurious Chest #6: Khvarena’s Light Shows – Nirodha

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The Genshin Impact Luxurious Chest in version 3.6 requires the completion of Like the light shows of the Khvarena: Nirodha. After leaving the ruins, you will discover the container in a hallway.

Luxurious Chest #7: Khvarena’s Light Shows – Completed

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For this one you have to complete the entirety Like the Khvarena’s light shows. At the end of this quest you will fight Nasejuna and a Hydro Abyss Lector. After talking to Sorush you will get the next quest step which may make you think it’s time to go to another area.

Do not do that. Instead, go deeper into the inner depressions and past the cave with the Hilichurl rogue. You will reach an underground fortress with a gigantic door.

It seems there is no way to cross the chasm until you look left. There you can climb the tree trunk, then its branches and finally the stone ledges. On the opposite side you can see the ornate container next to the stairs.

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In any case, they are Genshin Impact Version 3.6 Luxurious chests we have found so far. We’ll update this article as we discover more. At the moment you can visit our Genshin Impact leads hub for more about the game and A Parade of Providence.

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