Genshin Impact: Amrita Pool Location and Rewards Guide

The Amrita Pool is a special landmark in Genshin Impact. Added as part of the v3.6 update, offer a collectible item, Plumes of Purifying Light, here to get some goodies. Of course you want to know where to find the location And the rewards you get for the quest. We cover both below.

Where to find the Amrita pool in Genshin Impact?

The Amrita Pool in Genshin Impact becomes accessible after you complete the first segment of the Khvarena of Good and Evil Quest. After meeting Zurvan in Vourukasha Oasis, the Heart of Amrita quest should appear in your log.

From the fast travel point in the southern part of the oasis, you should follow the winding tunnel that leads west. There you will meet a Pari nymph named Fedhri next to the Amrita pool.

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As you interact with the Amrita pool, you’ll find that you can offer Plumes of Purifying Light. These collectibles come from various sources, which we describe in more detail in our Plume of Purifying Light location guide.

  • Collection of Fragments: By far the most common quest, you will interact with a golden cloud and then use Sorush to collect the floating fragments.
  • Fravashi trees: These withered shells can be found in the Gavireh Lajavard region of Sumeru and they form a cloud once cleaned. There are 10 of them in total, and we’ve outlined them in our Guide to the Fravashi Trees.
  • Udumbara Stamp: Regarding the above, some of the nymphs in these trees will ask you for special items. You can take a look at ours Udumbara Stamp Guide.
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Amrita Pool Rewards

Anyway the Genshin Impact Amrita Pool requires you to offer six Plumes of Purifying Light each time. You will then receive rewards such as Primogems, Sumeru Talent Booklets, and Sumeru Weapon Ascension Materials. There are also two important aspects to consider:

  • Once you’ve offered 30 feathers out of 36, the rest will appear on your card.
  • After offering all 36 feathers, you will receive the Sumeru: Amrita name card.

And there you will find the Amirta pool and collect its rewards. For more information on the game, including a wealth of tips and tricks, visit our Genshin Impact leads hub.

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